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In high school what are "Industry Arts and Technology"?

Asked by cadetjoecool (218points) May 12th, 2011

I was looking at the minimum number of credits required to graduate high school in New Hampshire (where I live), and It says I need 4 units of “Industry Arts or Technology”. What is that?!.html

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Industrial Arts=Shop class (small engines, wood working, electrical-etc)

Technology=Computer Science

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For me it consisted of metal shop (I made a pair of fireplace tongs), wood shop (made a wall mounted snail mail holder thing), and drafting (we drew buildings). Very boring. Home Ec. was much better – we made cookies and watched a lot of health/sex ed vids, and the ratio of boys to girls was about 1:4.

Err I just realized that was Jr. High, not High School.

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For us it was wood shop, metal shop, and electrical shop (we learned how to string wire and make simple working lamps). Everyone had to take and pass both Shop and Home Ec to graduate.

They should’ve had a class called Personal Finance, while they were at it, to teach about banking and investing.

I also had to take computer science in middle and high school, but that was called Computer Science. So by “Arts and Technology”, it may mean that you’ll learn a few mechanical things in your shop classes, like engines and so on.

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At my school it means: cooking or chefs class, technical drafting class, autos, computer classes, fashion or sewing class, child development class, or any business class.

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Comprehensive Technology is the new Industrial Arts definition.

Based on the State of NH, Department of Education it consists of the following core competencies
•Medical Technologies
•Agricultural, and related Biotechnologies
•Energy and Power Technologies
•Information and Communications Technologies
•Transportation Technologies
•Manufacturing Technologies
•Construction Technologies
•Engineering Principles and Design

So however your HS packages it, that is what you need.

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