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What do you believe is the best punishment for people who commit sexual crimes against children?

Asked by KateTheGreat (13635points) May 12th, 2011

This article sparked my curiosity. How should people who commit sexual crimes against children be treated?

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Lifetime jail or just be executed.

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Death. :-/

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Nail his junk to a stump, hand him a dull butter knife and light the stump on fire.

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Execution as quick and painless as possible. I don’t believe punishment can change the makeup of these people but they do need to be culled from the rest of society and I’m a person who doesn’t feel the need to support them financially by keeping the alive, even in seclusion.

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General population in prison. For life. Those guys really don’t like people who hurt children.

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Jail would be suitable. Most prisoners don’t like people who commit crimes against children so they’ll take care of him.

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They deserve a chance to redeem themselves.

But child molesters are already punished enough by society.

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I was thinking that they should remove their testicles and then proceed to put them into general population of a prison. Seems appropriate.

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I agree with @JilltheTooth and @rock4ever. From what I understand, inmates sometimes kick ass when they find this sort of thing out. Not that I necessarily condone ass kicking, but these people deserve it.

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It involves a blow torch, a pair of pliers & fucking big knife!!

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Thrown in the Sarlaac pit on Tattooine.

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Life in prison. The recidivism rate for pedophiles is pretty high.

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@Hibernate: There is no cure for a child sexual predator so there’s no issue of redemption. Punishment is a waste and often a cruelty. It’s sad but the best thing to do is to keep the innocent safe by removing the threat.

For those who think chemical/physical castration is a deterrent or cure, you’re wishful thinking because an offender can use things other than their bodies to harm a child. Child porn hurts children because somewhere, that child is someone else’s innocent treasure.

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PC answer: Life in prison. Let the other inmates deal with them.
Real answer: Pour acid on their genitalia, then burn it off.

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Having given a fair amount of thought to the general question of crime and punishment over the years, I ask instead, “What’s the purpose of punishment?”

Is it just “to hurt” offenders? To make them feel pain that they have inflicted on others? Is there a valid point to “punishment”? Does it make offenders become better people? Does it make us better?

The more I think of it, the more I think we should do away with “punishment” as a concept. I agree with the idea of keeping offenders away from the people (and social systems, organizations, and ‘society at large’) that they have wounded, but without making it “punishment”. Just “away”.

I liked some aspects of the way the British used to use “Transportation” as a sentence: send offenders to a new land and let them fend for themselves there. I don’t think that punishment is working for us any more, if indeed it ever did.

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I think they should be put in a compound forever where they can live with each other. I’d put murderers in together too and rapists all in seperate compounds, if that’s the way they think one should live, let them deal with each other…and no internet. Forever…out of society.

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@lemming: I like your idea but also let the social do-gooders support them directly instead of the general tax paying public. I’d rather my tax money go help school kids and elderlies.

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@Neizvestnaya we could get them jobs to do like rooting through our garbage to separate the recyclables and stuff like that, or else let them grow their own food.

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Throw them in an arena or colloseum unarmed and let the parents take care of them. Broadcast it live for everyone to enjoy. If the parents can’t or won’t take care of them. Then let pack of wild beast take care of them.

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I agree with @WasCy about punishment in general.

I think they need to be stopped and removed from society immediately, but then they should be made to work (in prison for life) doing some kind of boring, but useful tasks for the rest of their lives, like cleaning the grout in the bathrooms, or scraping crud off of something that needs to have the crud scraped from it, or organizing recyclable materials by hand (as long as it’s boring and needs to be done and will keep them constantly busy) By participating in the work, they get to be in general population, but if they refuse, they get to stay in solitary (no TV, no books, no music) And they should be made to eat some type of food (that we’ll figure out with the help of a nutritionist) that is perfectly nutritonally sound, but has a very bland taste. Eating is probably one of the few pleasures that people in prison get, the worst of the worst, should not get that pleasure. it could be called “naughty loaf” or something like that.

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Jail, killing them is letting them off the hook. They can’t suffer if they’re dead.

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@Kardamom they already have figured that out. Prison_Loaf was designed by prison nutritionists.

Here is the recipe:

• 6 slices whole wheat bread, finely chopped
• 4 ounces imitation cheddar cheese, finely grated
• 4 ounces raw carrots, finely grated
• 12 ounces spinach, canned, drained
• 2 cups dried Great Northern Beans, soaked,
cooked and drained
• 4 tablespoons vegetable oil
• 6 ounces potato flakes, dehydrated
• 6 ounces tomato paste
• 8 ounces powdered skim milk
• 4 ounces raisins

Mix all ingredients in a 12-quart mixing bowl. Make sure all wet items are drained. Mix until stiff, just moist enough to spread. Form three loaves in glazed bread pans. Place loaf pans in the oven on a sheet pan filled with water, to keep the bottom of the loaves from burning. Bake at 325 degrees in a convection oven for approximately 45 minutes. The loaf will start to pull away from the sides of the bread pan when done.

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I’m an evil, vindictive bitch when it comes to child molesters; my preferred punishment would be to have their sexual organs permanently removed. With a dull butter knife. Or a spoon.

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Rape in any case imo should be a death sentence.

Molestation should be an incredibly long jail sentence at least.

But I should say that the system we have now seems to want to punish people longer than it says it is… aka sex offender lists and limited living locations/jobs/etc…. if someone is supposedly “rehabiliated” and has served their time/sentence/fine…. why continue to punish them? Tack it onto the sentence or forget about it…. besides the things tend to be useless, un-updated, and unhelpful

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Monday Night Rehabilitation ala Idiocracy

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@WestRiverrat I have heard of that loaf before, but you might think this is funny, because I’m a vegetarian, that actually doesn’t sound bad at all to me and I eat most of that stuff on a daily basis! As long as it didn’t taste particularly good to the prisoner, then I’d be OK with it. LOL.

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Life long removal from society. Perhaps in jail, maybe in a mental institution, maybe on an inescapable island. I’m with @WasCy on the punishment issue.

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I think castration is the way to go. Castration and very long prison sentences. But before that, I think the molester should be molested by someone very unpleasant.

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@lemming: My vote is for them to be chain gang road crews. Have you seen some of the roadways and streets across the south in the USA? Horrible.

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This might work!
Death by Bufu
Three convicted child molesters are brought before the chief to face sentencing. The chief says to the first man “death or bufu” the man says “I’m too young to die. So bufu”
All the men of the tribe take turns raping his asshole to the point where he’s almost dead.
The chief goes up to the next explorer and says “death or bufu” and the explorer says “Well, my wife is about to have a baby, so I guess I’ll go with bufu”
Again, all the men in the tribe rape his asshole to the point of near death. The chief asks the last man “death or bufu” the last man says “There isn’t enough in life for me to take on that terrible experience. So I choose death” and the chief says….......

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force feed them their own genitalia; cut off their toes, fingers, nose, eyes, lips and use them as fish food; pour battery acid/lemon juice into their wounds, and drop them from 70 feet above sea level into the ocean 1,000 miles away from any coast line, no life vest.

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@Neizvestnaya that’s what you think. Everyone can be saved BUT only after they realize the harm they do to others AND when they want to be saved.

And to others who think castration is a solution. Someone above said that they can use other things. Well that’s true. Sex toys / fruits / etc so they first need to be saved not beaten up.

my 2 cents

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Castration would have little to no effect, so it seems like just cruel and unusual punishment at that point, to me. If it doesn’t solve the problem, why torture a human being?

Remember, I was molested for 13 years. I’m speaking from that place.

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@King_Pariah I really like your ideas.

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I don’t know what the right answer is. I’ve never come across a story where someone convicted of rape changed their attitude and personality through therapy, although they may exist.

I have read enough to agree with those that say that bodily harm, such as castration, won’t make a difference. If anything, it may feed the rage. And what if the convicted rapist is a female? There are even a few cases of females raping females. What then?

And what if the convicted rapists are children themselves? There is a recent case in Memphis where a 23 month-old girl was raped and severely beaten. The accused were her 15 year-old stepbrother, and two of his friends, 12 and 14 year-old brothers. What should happen to these boys?

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I only mentioned removing their sexual organs because I’m all for torturing someone if they dare lay a hand on my child. But you all know that I admit to being a vengeful bitch. After their naughty bits have been hacked off with a spoon, THEN they should be locked away for the rest of their lives.

If it’s a male, he gets locked in a cell with Bubba, a very large man with multiple tattoos and piercings, who looks incredibly intimidating, has a lot of anger management issues and decides to use his new cell mate to channel that anger. For the next 80 years. Daily.

If it’s a female, she gets locked up with a dominatrix bitch named Butch, a huge mannish woman with beefy hands and a mustache, who also has massive anger issues and decides to spend the next 80 years turning her new playmate into a quivering mass of nothing.

But hey, that’s just me, and I have my own anger issues.

@Pied_Pfeffer To molest a 10 year old takes enough evil, but to rape and beat a baby? Going on the notion that those three boys are truly guilty, I don’t care how old they are, all three of those boys should be assraped and beaten themselves, and then locked up. No matter the age. There is no rehabilitation for that sort of evil, and there is no way to fix a broken person. It’s sad, but if they’re already broken to the point of fucking a helpless little baby, then that should be the end of their chance to live a normal life.

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@WillWorkForChocolate While I may not agree with your chosen form of punishment, I do have a great deal of respect for your position, and to a degree, your creativity.

As for the three boys, the two brothers already have juvenile records for a variety of crimes, while it appears that the step-brother didn’t. It was surprising to find out that it was the 15 year old step-brother that was the one mainly responsible. He is (or was) being tried as an adult. Article

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The 3 boys who assaulted the baby, that’s beyond horrid. Euthanasia like putting a large dog to sleep- it’s so fast and then there will be no wonder or fear of them to ever again hurt anything or anyone.

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@Neizvestnaya Euthanasia seems like a much better option for those that repeatedly commit crimes and have no chance of being rehabilitated. The challenge for me is that most of us don’t know if the convicted do or don’t have a chance. There are ample examples of those that still show no remorse, such as Charles Manson.

For a child, I still wonder if there is any hope should they have the right guidance. In the example given about the three boys, I have my doubts. The parents of the two brothers denied that they would be involved in such a crime. The elder brother was taken away from the parents for ‘facilitating in the crime’, and the younger one was off the hook for not being a participant. He was sent back to live with his parents.

Who is more likely to receive rehabilitation? The elder son who has been taken away from his parents and environment or the younger one who still lives with his parents? Is there any hope for either?

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@Pied_Pfeffer: These types of things make me sick because once upon a time I believed love, education and time could change anyone into a person who wants to be a better human and for them to to learn to dislike negative, destructive, horrible things. I don’t believe that anymore. Some people get enjoyment from “bad things” and sometimes they don’t even know why or don’t want to but they do and the need to feel their medium of pleasure becomes a struggle.

The elder boy will probably go into the system of rehabilitation where he will become a victim of neglect, apathy and abuses himself. I can’t imagine how any of that will re program him not to be angry, destructive and disassociative. The younger boy will probably live in denial of the ugliness he’s been a part of. If he’s not directly worked with then most likely others will also treat his past with denial in the hopes that he will forget or grown out of those urges. My bet is he’ll become a rather twisted adult and not just because of what he’s done or does but because of the guilt he didn’t share his brother’s lot.

I don’t think there’s much hope for either of them and as much as I can prattle about euthanasia or death penalties, neither is likely to be implemented in civilized society and so we will also keep dangerous humans in our midst and pretend they can be changed and/or saved.

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While I don’t believe that any of these three boys have little chance at changing their ways. My concern is solely based upon the numerous reports of those that do not reform. I have no clue if there are any that have. It may have happened, but it is unlikely to make the news.

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God, that story is just so fucking sad. I don’t even know where to begin. :(

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@Pied_Pfeffer Thank you so much for disagreeing so kindly! Hardly anyone bothers to do that here, including myself… I do honestly believe that if a person, be it a male or female, is disgusting enough to touch a child inappropriately, that should be the end of it right there. I don’t believe in rehabilitation at that point. They have purposely stolen the innocence from a child, and in my book, that is unforgivable.

I would be more likely to forgive a random thug for raping me than I would to even consider forgiving someone for molesting a child. “Ruining” a child, to me, is the worst crime anyone can commit. And it would be a thousand times worse were it my child involved. I’m the proverbial “mother bear” when it comes to my kids. Should someone steal their innocence, I am fully prepared to carefully plan my attack, and I am fully prepared to go to prison afterward. I just want to make sure that anyone who damages my child suffers enormously for it. Preferrably at my own hand. I admit that it’s not something a “decent” human should do to another human, and I don’t necessarily believe 100% in an eye for an eye, but when it comes to my beautiful children, I don’t fuck around.

A lot of people don’t understand how a mother (and a woman who believes in God) can be so heartless and cruel as to suggest torture of another human being, and I have to admit that I don’t fully understand it myself, as torture is a truly horrible thing. I only know that if someone hurt one of my daughters, my rage would overtake me and I wouldn’t care about anything other than shredding the individual who was responsible.

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I will admit, if I walked in on someone in the act of harming my child, I’d probably kill them (or die trying). My rage would overtake me, I’m certain of it. But after the fact? No. Torturing them or killing them will do nothing to help my child, nothing to fix the pedophile, and nothing to keep society any safer. I don’t believe they can be rehabilitated, either, and that’s why I’m all for keeping them locked up somewhere for the rest of their lives.

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@augustlan I feel exactly the same way that you do. It’s not that the pedophiles don’t deserve to be punished, it’s just that you can’t live in a truly cililized society if you torture people. Even if those people deserve it. But I do think it’s fine to stop them by whatever means you have available to you, if you catch them in the act.

That is only my opinion, and I can completely see it from the other side too, and have often thought of really horrific ways to torture pedophiles and rapists and murderers (in my own brain). I just don’t think it benefits our society to torture people after the fact. Even if those people deserve it.

Plus, I think I would go pretty easy on a parent, if I heard that that parent went after someone who hurt his child (and then that act landed the parent in prison). I think most of us could easily look the other way in those types of cases.

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Cut off em genitals and put it in my jar collection… with the wrest of them child molesters.

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Here is another interesting story. One of my former college professors was recently arrested for allegedly molesting two boys. At the time of the alleged incidents, the professor was a church minister, and the boys were 11 and 12 years old. It was also 40 years ago.

The now 92 year-old former professor and reverend is out on bond, and he could face up to 25 years in jail if found guilty. Is that too great of a punishment? Not enough? Do the factors that it has been 40 years and/or that he doesn’t have much longer to live factor in somewhere?

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I can tell you that according to German law, he could not have been prosecuted after 40 years.
Statute of limitations is 20 years from the 18th birthday of the victim, which means the last possible time to prosecute would have been 13 years ago.

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@ragingloli I wondered about that as well. I don’t know what the law is in Virginia, USA, where this guy is, but my guess is that he wouldn’t have been arrested if there was a statute of limitations.

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according to this there is no limit in Virgin(haha)ja

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