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What to do when layers of skin are torn from my thumb?

Asked by leopardgecko123 (777points) May 12th, 2011

There are hooks on my locker that you can hang things on and I tried hanging my backpack on it but my thumb got caught under it and a chunk of skin came off right next to my nail. It started bleeding real badly so I went to the office and the lady there washed it with warm water and put a bunch of neosporin on it and a band-aid.
It was in the morning and I went to gym afterwards and just left in it a band-aid all day until I got home. Now I washed it with cool water and I’m letting it air out a little. But, I was wondering if I should do anything else besides rinsing it, neosporin, and band-aids? And, if so, how do i do it?

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Just keep it clean and continue using Neosporin and whatever you do for the pain (Aspirin, Tyleonol, Aleve, etc.) until it heals. If it starts oozing yellow pus, then you need to see a doctor to get antibiotics.

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Keep using Neosporin and band-aids. I doubt you’ll need to go to the doctor or anything.

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Clean it, nip away with clippers any piece of skin that won’t lay down flush and then brush the top of your cut over with superglue. It’ll sting but only shortly. It will heal nice this way, really.

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Glue em’ back on with Loc-Tite.

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Nah. Weld it back together…

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It will heal up pretty nicely if you use neosporin and bandaids. After about 2 days, trim off the loose skin. These types of things, like blisters that you pop, pretty much heal over in about 4 days, and in about a week, they’re completely gone. They hurt like heck the first day, so maybe take some tylenol of you’re really uncomfortable.

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Just don’t use it to much and make sure it doesn’t have any puss. You’ll be fine.

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I was going to tell you Neosporin and bandaids, but you’re already there.

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Keep up the good work. At some point you’ll want to trim the part that clearly isn’t going to be joining back up, to avoid that snagging on stuff and tearing the new mend at deeper levels. But while you’ve got it covered snug but not tight you’re doing what you ought.

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Keep it clean, keep ointment on it and it keep it covered with bandaids for several days.

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Thanks! I’m using band-aids and Neosporin and it is healing up nicely. It’s still a bit sensitive, but looks a whole lot better

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