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If you're doing a spot of home decorating, do you listen to some loud music as you work?

Asked by ucme (46639points) May 12th, 2011

I know I always do, why just today the wife & I were busy in the bedroom… was our sons & we were painting together. Sheesh, get your mind out of the gutter XD Anyway, we both like to crank up the volume, all the way to 11, & rock our arses off as we brush. A particular fave of mine is Since You’ve Been Gone by Rainbow. Trouble is though I tend to forget i’m holding a paintbrush & not a microphone. Paint don’t taste too good :¬( So, how about you?

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I love loud rock while I am working around the house (decorating too).

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I do!!

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Absolutely, I decorated the lounge to Ingenue by K D Lang.

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I always listen to music while I am doing tasks.Outside chores too.I love my MP3.

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I’m just the opposite. I don’t usually go in for lite jazz or elevator music, but when I’m doing home improvement stuff, or even house work, it works for me.

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Nope, I listen to the television instead. The problem I have when trying to work to music is that I get to involved with it. I want to sing along, or occasionally, dance. If I’m painting or cleaning, the television provides the background noise I want without the distraction.

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I also like to perform this little number just before I run the vacuum around. The wife kindly lets me wear one of her skirts XD
Cheers folks, I gotta run, very late here in England Town. Look forward to reading any additions to this thread in the am :¬)

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Always ..I always have music on when doing tasks. And I usually dance to some of it :)

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Lately Mike Doughty has been good for getting me going. I crank it up!

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Music always helps the manual labour end faster. Louder the better. I don’t have a favourite piece of music though. Depends on my mood. Energetic and loud are the main criteria though.

I expected to see this when you said you wore a skirt while listening to a particular music track Link

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I bought a iPod so I could rock out while I do dishes. I kinda go nuts in silence, I sleep with my TV on.

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Absolutely! Loud, high energy music gets me motivated to start a project. I prefer old school punk like The Gits Second Skin. That song is responsible for most of the housework getting done here.

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Not so much decorating, but any kind of physical labor (including painting) is way better with rock and roll (and beer). If I have a tool in my hand, you can be pretty sure there’s a Rolling Rock nearby. :)

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when doing manual labor, HELL YES.
I have speakers mounted outside for the same reason.
When I am doing something that needs more focus on the artistic side of decorating, a bit softer so I can think it through.

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Yep, but usually the Original Dixieland Jazz Band pandora station, and I dance around.

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Not loud, but not soft background music either.

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Never….but then, I don’t do manual labor. I love silence under most circumstances.

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Well, I don’t really “clean,” or do “home improvement,” per se, but I love to rock out while I’m cooking. My favorite cooking music is oldies, like Peter Frampton and Steely Dan. The wooden spoon makes a great microphone.

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