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How would you describe people in general in a few words?

Asked by raven860 (2174points) May 13th, 2011

-Would you say that in general people are good-natured with a few bad ones


-Would you say people are ill-natured with a few good ones.

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I’m of the opinion that the sun shines out of most folks arse holes, although with some “there’s a storm a brewing!” ;¬}

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Bound by own perceptions.

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Most people are self-absorbed. Life is to complex to be described by the triteness of “good” or “bad”.

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No two are the same

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All people have good and bad traits I think! Some just have bad traits that overshadow the good and vice versa. Over all I think people will do good when it is needed and not a moment before. Otherwise we’re all just trying to stay to ourselves and away from the bad in the world.

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I think that people always do the very best they can with the knowledge and awareness that they’re limited to.

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Worthless animals.

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I think that all people are borned with kindness and good behavior but they will change after being at school,working,meeting the real world meeting bad persons,confronting life’s problems…I have a bad experience with my sister concerning this subject and I can say that she is absolutely different and treat me as if I am a strange person..I use to be a good person but now I have changed my concepts and my ways of treating others.We should learn how to take from others not to give info about our lives,We should spend time alone instead of being with people that will abuse us,We should learn how to love ourselves and be smart.Life can teach us everything!

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I think all people are looking for something and if you have it they will try to get it, one way or another. Whatever it may be. Other than that they basically all good.

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I think most people are good.

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Most people seem to give entirely too much power to circumstances.

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I think this is an exercise in foolishness: to attempt to describe something as complicated as all people in a few words.

But, to go along with your context, I think that most people are basically good.

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Nobody is perfect and everyone has their bad days but IMO most people in general people are good-natured with a few bad ones

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Each person is about 90% good and the other 10% is anything from annoying to criminal. It is the 10% that decides whether that person overall is ok or not to spend time with. Is their negative that they leave the toilette seat up? Or, that they are liars? Or, that stealing is no problem for them? Or, that they have to eat their meat before their potatoes?

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Another one of the universe’s fascinating creations.

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Individuals. Everyone is unique in some way.

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Dreamless Businessmen and Dark DreamStealers.

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Planet killing inferior mammals.

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Creators of sliced bread, robotic sweepers, and Natalie Portman.

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Individually: generous, creative, discerning
En masse: selfish, destructive, blind.

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Peasants……. :-/

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Breathing and doing what they can to keep it that way.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

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I’d say people are quite interesting. There’s always something you can learn from someone. You just need to be open and interested.

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People are like books. One only needs the patience to read them.

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It would be an interesting change in humanity if we could readily understand each other and know how we impacted other people with anything we say or do. I mused at the power of this as I was reading a near death experience where the person tells how they were seeing every moment in their life and not only remembering how they felt but knowing how they made other people feel. Interesting, if there is ever hope for large scale forgiveness among our fellow humans that just might do it.

Too easily myself and many of us can all think of someone who has pissed us off or hurt us lately but it is interesting that it is difficult come up with when we have pissed someone off or hurt someone.

So my answer is that people are good but too flippin self absorbed to follow through on being just that to their fellow humans.

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