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Which cell phone provider offers good customer service?

Asked by BarnacleBill (16083points) May 13th, 2011

I’ve had Sprint phone service for multiple lines for about 10 years. Of late, I’ve noticed a real decline in customer service. For example, I have phone insurance on my daughter’s phone and it isn’t working properly. They told her she would have to mail the phone in to get it serviced. What happened to “replace the phone with the same or similar kind?” On several occasions, I’ve stopped by the store to look at new phones, or to ask a question about my service. No one seemed interested in helping me, and for my question, they directed me to the web site, which didn’t have the answer to my question. I was told that I needed to purchase a computer with a Windows operating system in order to use all the functionality on my phone.

I am not a happy camper. Are any of the other carriers better? I’m thinking about moving to Verizon and getting iPhones.

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I found the people at the Verizon wireless store to be helpful, but I had to go to the FCC to keep Verizon billing from gouging me when I upgraded my allotted minutes plan.

Credo, which I believe supports progressive causes, might offer good customer service.
However, I don’t know how good their coverage is.

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I’ve been with Verizon for years, and have never had much trouble with them.

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I have had both great coverage and customer service with Verizon

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I have Verizon and have no complaints about their customer service. I was getting spam text messages and was being charged for each one. I called and complained. They readily removed the charges and set me up so I didn’t have that problem again.

Full disclosure: I was so impressed with their actions, I actually bought some Verizon stock which I still own.

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Verizon Wireless customer for 16 years plus ( was Bell Atlantic Mobile back then ). Good to great service. Only problem was with a two year old “feature phone” that service was not able to fix, used my every two years discount to upgrade to new phone. Cell tower footprint, coverage through the USA is the best for mobile phone and data cover is good if you are close to an interstate highway.

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I also am with Verizon and have had good customer service. They are always helpful whether on the phone or in the store. I had to return my daughter’s defective phone and it was easy. I had a billing problem and charges were removed promptly. We have lived in 3 very distant states and had no complications and great coverage for each. The only ‘problem’ I have with them is if you buy certain phones, you have to buy the data package. It is not optional, but as long as you know that you can avoid it (or not.) I cannot say all this about Verizon FiOS. I am mentioning this solely because I figured I would have no problem with their services because I had no problem with Verizon Wireless and I do not want to give the impression I recommend all Verizon.

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@optimisticpessimist No the Verizon Wireless and the Verizon landline company that handles FiOS are two totally different animals, I wouldn’t even put them in the same class

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US Cellular’s customer service is terrible. They are the only provider I have any experience with.

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Verizon does a good job.

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Made the mistake of changing from T-Mobile to ATT in December. Wish I’d never done that. I will return to T-Mobile after contract runs out. They were great, but didn’t have the phone I wanted. Now I realize the company is more important than the device. I’m very displeased with ATT.

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I’ve heard Verizon has improved but I’ll never give them the opportunity to demonstrate that to me. My experience with them was beyond deceptive in their sales and billing policies and complaints were directed and redirected to different offices always with the result being “Fuck you. You signed a contract.”

Alltel was brilliant. They paid my early termination fee to Verizon when I switched and I never had to wait more than 45 seconds to reach a real person on the service line. I miss them.

AT&T has neither impressed nor distressed me so far.

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I’m a satisfied T-Mobile customer. But if you’re going for an iPhone, Verizon is it.

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