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Are there issues in your life you know you are in denial with yet keep it that way?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22511points) May 13th, 2011

And why? How do you justify that denial? This question is not meant to be critical and judgemental but to understand how other people deal with their own unique lives and how they survive their own challenges and trials.

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Define “denial.” Might you give us a concrete example? You’re being too abstract.

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I don’t think so. I recognize the issues in my life and I might ignore or place a few of them on the back burner if I need to handle what’s top priority first, but I wouldn’t intentionally deny anything.

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I push my anger over things I can’t control to the denial pile. I had a dear friend tell me she was going to die. I couldn’t accept that, but I also couldn’t control that, so it went to the denial pile. The inevitable happened.

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Sometimes I figure it’s probably pretty unlikely that I’ll ever lead a normalish, healthyish life, but I usually choose to believe that that’s not true because I can’t deal with that thought.

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I never, ever, ever do that!
And by “never”, I mean “often”.

Some things I’m pretty sure I’d be healthier without in the long run but the short-term gratification still outweighs that.

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At this point, any sort of “denial” would be pretty ridiculous for me, right? Besides, I don’t give a shit! LMAO!

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No! Absolutely not! Why did you ask? Did someone tell you something? It’s lies! Lies! All lies!

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I’m not currently in denial over anything.

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Yes, I’ve always been in denial about the passage of time in relation to my aging and what all I can still accomplish. I tell myself because I feel good and feel young that there’s plenty of time to get around to stuff but the reality bites me now and then to nail it down, focus and get busy living. In the last decade I’ve made efforts to prioritize and make things happen, sometimes to the point of mental exhaustion but I’m kind of living life and a half everyday in order to try and make up for lost or wasted time. I’m pretty sure most people start to feel this way once they hit 40.
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If you know you are in denial and what you are in denial over you really aren’t in denial anymore are you?

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@Blondesjon: No, that would be a state of being oblivious. Denial takes creativity, effort and faith.

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I wouldn’t call it denial but I definitely have hope in a situation that often looks unlikely to work in my favour. I know that, chances are, it won’t work in my favour but I can’t give up on the situation until I lose hope completely.

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