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Have you guys in parts of the world other than in Europe hear about the disappearance of Madeleine Mc Cann?

Asked by lemming (3913points) May 13th, 2011

I just saw her parents on ‘The Late Late’’s very very sad. She disappeared in Portugal on a family holiday two or three years ago. Her parents spent alot of money on publicity, so if you guys never heard of it, this is what she would look like today: Madeleine Notice she has a damaged iris so her pupil seeps into the iris on one of her eyes. I feel really bad for them.

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It’s a pretty big story in America too. It’s extremely sad. :(

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Yes (I am in the US but my favorite news source is the BBC news feed), but it’s a very old story now.

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Yes, very very sad the whole thing…. I hate when children go missing because it makes you think the worse happened because the sad truth is that it usually does. In very rare cases does it end in a happy ending especially when its been this long.

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Yes – have heard of it.

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Yes, I followed the story while it was still in the news.

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Yes, it all received a huge amount of publicity at the time here in Australia.

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It was a huge deal in America when it first happened, and for a long time after, too. Sad. :(

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It sucks, but the parents are completely to blame for this one. They left their children unattended (and not for the first time) while they went off and had dinner. One could hope that she was abducted by someone who would pay more attention to her than the neglectful people who spawned her.

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“Kate McCann also said that she and Gerry felt incredibly guilty for leaving the children alone on the night and they had been criticised for this but she said nobody could persecute them about this more than themselves and that she had learnt to deal with this,” from

They say they checked every half hour on the children who were sleeping about 400 feet away in the room. Sometimes, even with due diligence; our children are harmed. It breaks my heart for everyone involved. The “what ifs,” “if onlys” are very hard to live with when it comes to our lives or the lives of our children.

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@bkcunningham The child had asked her parents the day that she disappeared “Why didn’t you come when we cried?,” referring to the night before. The parents didn’t even know the children had been crying for them. Does this sound like responsible parenting to you? Does this sound like the way the situation played out to you? Do you really think that if they had been checking on their children like they claim that 1) this could have happened or 2) they could have possibly not been aware that their children were calling for them?

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By the way, there were nannies and other childcare options at the place where the McCanns were staying. They chose instead to leave their children unattended. Intentional neglect.

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Saw it again on Australian news this week just gone. Very sad…............

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It’s still in the news, just this last week Kate released her book on what would have been her daughters 8th birthday. The McCann’s had asked for the British government to reopen the file on Madeleine’s abduction & the proceeds of the book will help finance their desperate search. The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has agreed & Scotland Yard will refresh the investigation along with the Portuguese police. She’s been missing 4yrs now & I just wish them nothing but the best of luck & my deepest sympathies. I can’t imagine the pain of losing any of my kids, worse still, not knowing if they were alive or dead. The fact they both have no grave to at least grieve over, a place to remember her, well, it’s just truly heartbreaking. As I say, I wish them both & their other two children, well.

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It’s a tragedy, but the parents left their three young children alone, at night in a strange country. Imagine if they had hired a baby sitter and the baby sitter had left the children. The baby sitter would have been severely criticised and yet that is exactly what the parents did. They left their children unattended. To my mind there is something very fishy about this story.

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@klutzaroo I really don’t know.

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