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Will my use of the word Fluther in any question automatically get the question redirected to the Meta section?

Asked by Blondesjon (33976points) May 13th, 2011

Just checkin’.

i haven’t asked three questions in a day in, like, forevah.

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My brain just burst.

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Uhm… this question isn’t redirected to the meta section, so I’m thinking no.

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I don’t know the answer to this question, but let’s see…this question is posted in General, so let’s wait and see if it get redirected to Meta.

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No, but asking a question about what happens within fluther will…

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Doesn’t seem to. But I’d love to have some guacamole about now.
About time you and the Mrs. start showing up more. Miss you guys.

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I’m here for the ride ! And maybe pancakes.

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Ha! It’s in Meta now.

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Yes, it will. Congratulations on a successful scientific method experiment. Although you should have asked a control question that did not have the word Fluther in it.

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Awww… I guess I just answered a little too soon. I was wrong.

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Meta Meta Meta

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You be in Meta now, son.

When can we tune into the show?

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Hey! It worked. All we had to do is wait and see. See!

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Not automatically. But if a mod sees a question that should be in meta, we move it.

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@janbb . . . I made you out of clay!

@Jude . . . there may be a surprise this sunday. i’m setting up the studio.

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@Blondesjon Now I’ve got that earworm!

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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
This question made my day!

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