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What's the best website for getting my monthly horoscope?

Asked by dianalauren (251points) April 23rd, 2008
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cheebdragon's avatar I guess or yahoo has a horoscope section also that is good.

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You can get your basic daily horoscope for free. Or really go all out.
They also feature other areas like numerology, Feng Shui, I Ching and others as well.

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Rob Brezny puts out something better than most of what’s out there. I hadn’t been to his site for a while, but it looks like you need to register now. Anyway, it’s pretty good.

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Just read this once a month:
“The planets’ current alignment mean you’re likely to feel challenged in several areas, but given your [insert sign name]ial disposition, you will take this opportunity to review what’s going on in your life and make changes to things you’re not happy with and this will pay off towards the end of the month. If you’re looking for love, a chance encounter may happen around 3/4 in to the month. You’re finances look stable right now, but may become a bit drained later in the month, but this is only temporary, an event at the end of the month will help you restore your situation.
Family members or friends may call on you for advice and support this month, and although you may want to focus on yourself, it’s important you take the time to be there for them.”

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lmao wildflower! Thats how I feel sometimes!
anytime I’m reading a magazine or the newspaper and someone asks me what their horoscope is I tell them one for a different sign and its funny how often people say “omg thats soo true” or something similar.

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I like to go to People swear by Susan Miller.

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They have a great video horoscope.

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