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Do you have a talent you've kept secret from Fluther or only shared privately with a few other jellies?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31152points) May 14th, 2011

I read tarot cards, and I’ve been told by a number of people I’m very accurate. I haven’t shared that on Fluther for some nameless fear.

Do you have anything you’re really good at, but don’t talk about on Fluther?

You can answer with a simple yes or no, or you can reveal it.

Hopefully, we can all be adult jellies and leave the judgment behind.

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Although most of my inciteful questions and comments give me almost troll status I do in person have pretty awesome diplomatic skills, put me in the middle of any battle/argument and there are usually doves flying with olive branches shortly after,lol.
Can you give long distance readings Jake?

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I know Wordpress really well. And I don’t want to help you fix your blog.

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I have many talents, and not all of them have been made public, often since I have not had reason to mention them.

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I give awesome head, or so I’m told.

Also, I paint, draw, sing, cook, and I’m learning drums.

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I can sing like Tiny Tim.

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According to my wife, I’m an excellent (read: obsessive) house-cleaner and I make a delicious breakfast.

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hmmm talent not told to fluther. so many that have not been told yet.
Read the book or wait for the movie for the important ones.

I can type wicked fast is one.

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Yes – a talent for self-delusion.

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Haven’t given proof of it on Fluther yet, but i can be witty.

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@rebbel Yeah, me neither.

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I can confidently drink eleven pints of Guinness…. :-/

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-I am very good at imitating an American accent.
-I love to bake and my food tastes AMAZING.
-I also do ballet.

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Not that I can think of. I guess there aren’t so many that it’s hard to talk about all of them.

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

I have a talent,alright…XD

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Not really, My biggest talent is words, next to that, well…I do have a routine with my goose Marwyn, I always thought he’d be great on Letterman. Haha

I hold him and sing ” Row, row, roooow your flappys, gently down the stream, Marwyn, Marwyn, Marwyn, Marrrrwyn, life is but a dream!”

It is ‘our’ song, and he ‘rows’ his flappys on cue when I sing! lol
He knows EXACTLY when to start ‘rowing.’ haha

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I have no discernible talent.

(Please…no “everyone has talent” pep talks. I’m not fishing for compliments.)

RealEyesRealizeRealLies's avatar

I’m a thirty year singer songwriter and performed briefly for a party on MTV’s Real World first season a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. No I don’t cut the heads off bats and drink their blood.

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I have always had a “gut feeling” in capturing criminals right after a crime has been commited.

One example: a robber robs a gas station in my city. I was close to this call, but decided to start searching for the get away vehicle. Something told me that the robber had not used the interstate, as a means of escape. Instead, I parked my police car down the street from the robbed gas station and just waited.

I was talking on cellphone with my wife, when it happened. The get away vehicle pulled right in front of me. I forgot my wife and left my cellphone open, where she could hear what was about to happen. I verified the licese plate and advised the dipatcher that I had the robbery vehicle and my location. The robber got out of his black pickup truck and was talking on a driveup phone to someone. I pulled my service weapon(Glock 40) on suspect and ordered him to the ground. He did not obey my order, so I rushed to him and knocked him down to the ground. I placed the barrel of my Glock 40 in his mouth and ordered him to not move. While on the ground, I searched his pants. I located the robbery money and a handgun. He was placed under arrest and handcuffed.

My wife stated she heard the entire incident on my open cellphone.

Some people are born with “gut feelings” and other are not. I have been blessed.

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Yeah…wow! That’s sure sounds exciting!
GO SuperCop!

Coloma's avatar


Man, you are a true hero of law enforcement, and, it seems you have not become overly jaded, bitter, have retained your humanity as well. A rare gem in that profession. Cheers to you!

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I do voice over work.
I can do an awesome Rambo or an Elmo.
My daughter find the Elmo pmplol (pee my pants funny)

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I can dance, sort of. Depending on how excited I am, however, you could be accidentally hit in the face if you get to close. I also do impressions of singers a lot, but change the words to the song I’m imitating in a funny way (the most recent impression was of Ke$ha, I think. It cracked my sister up).

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I can paint well, I can sing, and I can roll my tongue into a tube so well I can suck a drink through it like a straw. But those aren’t really secrets.

I do have a secret talent that I haven’t shared here before… I write gay erotic fanfiction…

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I’m quite good at pissing in the snow art. Can doodle my name & everyfum ;¬}

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Not quite sure if I want to be an adult yet, but here goes:
*I’m a fantastic cook. My friends and family beg me to cook for them when I have the time.
*I love singing, people have given me many positive comments.
I *love painting. I’ve hung my work up in my bedroom :)
*I can do voices. Yes, voices. I’m quite good at impersonating people’s voices and even rapping!
*I can dance pretty good ;)
*I am very good with kids. Love playing with them and making them laugh :D
*I can wriggle my ears and arch both of my eyebrows
*I am very good at imaginative writing and poetry.

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Quite a few.
And they will be remaining so, for now. ;-)

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I have a talent that is {NSFW}

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Hmmm. @DrBill reminds me that perhaps I do have a secret talent, after all!~

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I just thought of another one too! :-/

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I’m good at making toys talk to my kids. Sort of puppetry. The toys say crazy things and it makes the girls laugh. They talk to the toy as if it is really talking to them. I’m not doing ventriloquism – they can see my lips moving and all. No idea where the words come from, they just flow from me. I make the toys move about, tilting their heads and dancing too sometimes.

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