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Anyone have info on the rumored MacBook/Pro update in June?

Asked by interpol (17points) April 23rd, 2008 from iPhone
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No, but I just bought a black book about a week ago so I hope its nothing drastic.

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Last I picked up from various Apple analysts… they’re guessing new MacBooks and Pros won’t reach the market until September-ish.

But it’s just a guess. Only Apple really knows. And they’re not telling.

Oh, and Randy, it will be drastic. They’re due for major design revamp. The new MacBooks will no longer be plastic, but sport aluminum enclosures instead. Still, according to MacRumors, you were right on the money to buy a MacBook now.

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Apple just revamped them. I would be surprised to see them update them in June. The next in line for a speed bump is the iMac, we are expecting those any time now.

I just got the new Macbook Pro, and it is FRIGGIN’ sweet! I waited for 3 months before they updated them, and it was well worth the wait. If you’re worried about purchasing one and the next day it being outdated(Hey that’s Technology!) Then I would wait around til’ June and see what happens.

I think that at WWDC they will release a revamp of maybe the iPhone or the iMac(most likely)

But since Apple is notorious for no one knowing what they are doing and when it will happen, we will just have to wait and see.

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They just revamped the iMacs..I don’t see any update anytime soon. I’m leaning towards a Macbook, iPhone and Cinema Display refreshes.

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