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You know you're having a bad day when ________?

Asked by mazingerz88 (26242points) May 14th, 2011

It seems it can’t be helped, anything can happen, big or small that would probably change your day’s trajectory, causing you to lose your smile, patience and yes,even temper.

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I know I’m having a bad day when I wake up and there is nothing for me to devour.

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…even your shadow runs away from you!

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When I don’t have time to follow my makeup-hair-clothes & breakfast routine….hate those days!

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When I only hit 24 of 25 in Sporting Clays! I blame it on the heavy head wind! ;)

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When I wake up with a headache. It lasts the rest of the day rendering me unable to do anything right.
Or when anything a person says pisses me off, even if it’s not anything significant. I just get irritated over practically nothing.

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Okay, on a personal level. I know i’m having a bad day if I haven’t laughed on numerous occasions.

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I know I’m having a bad day when even chocolate fails to make me smile.

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You know you’re having a bad day when you think its going to be a bad day.

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My dog has peed on the carpeting, discovered by my barefeet.

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….I don’t bother burying the bodies.

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When you get audited by the IRS…...

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…when your lion breaks out of her dilapidated old wooden cage and disappears into the corn field.

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…when swallowing a live toad is the best thing that happens to you.

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….when you smile at a baby and he/she looks at you like you’re weird and scary and starts to cry!
....when your boss comes to see you and tells you he has a special project for you (trust me, with my boss, this is always bad news!)

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… when you walk in the front door and Chris Hanson is there asking you to “have a seat over there”.

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When your underwear rides up in your crack, and you’re surrounded by people, so you know someone’s going to see you pull it out, only it feels like someone gave you a nuclear wedggie, but there’s no wall to back up to, and you’re slowly getting stressed because this may make you miss your Important Appointment, which could mean the difference between eating Ramen Noodles for another year or dining on filet mignon, but then someone calls you on your cell phone and when you answer it you briefly hear your wife’s semi-hysterical voice in the background saying something about water, but then you’re between towers and lose the signal, so you decide to take a taxi the driver or which is named Muhammad and after you get in you hear something like ticking, but you can’t find where it’s coming from and it’s not the meter running!

Now that’s a bad day!

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…when waking up was only your first mistake.

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I forgot to buy coffee the day before and all I have left is crappy Kroger brand instant I have saved back for power outages.

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@jonsblond the worst…especially on the weekend!! Bummmmmm*ERRRR*!

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I need my coffee!

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@jonsblond Make mine an Irish Coffee! ;)

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…someone steals my stapler.

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@erichw1504 I love you for making that reference.

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