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Dropbox: Some questions on its application...?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11271points) May 14th, 2011

Hi, I took someone’s advice and downloaded Dropbox to send/share large MP3 files that I have.

Now that it’s on my computer, I’m not sure how to use it. The instructions are skimpy (and like a lot of tech manuals, written by someone who skips over the important things because they are a “given”, I suppose.)

I know that you drag what you want into the folder. That’s cumbersome because when I open the other folder to take the files out of there…the dropbox window shuts. Don’t know how to keep that open to do the dragging of files.

Secondly, once they are in there, who has access to my files? Everyone? Or just the people I want to share them with?

Third, after I’ve asked other people I want to share files with to download Dropbox…how do I let them know to find my files in there? Is there a password, a link? That’s also not explained.

I hope someone who has a way of writing concise and very, very clear instructions can help me to figure this out so I can get these files out to my friends.

Thanks in advance!


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Have you watched the intro video at It is helpful.

“who has access to my files”

Only you and people you have explicitly given permission can reach your files.

(Except for the Public folder in your Dropbox folder. Anyone can access those files)

after I’ve asked other people I want to share files with to download Dropbox
When you share a folder or file, there is an option to email the other people with a link.

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@jaytkay….Thanks for the video…! I watched it and it still doesn’t tell you how to do it…the step-by-step way to move the files over, how to get the person to pick them up, etc. It tells you generally how it works, etc.

Also, a question…how do you send access to one file (for that person) and not also give them access to everything else in your dropbox?

(Not meaning to be a pain, here, but there really are no clear instructions…and I am not sure at all how this works.)

I still thank you for your info..and sending you lurve!

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how do you send access to one file
You have to share a folder, not a file. So create a new folder inside your Dropbox folder and put the file(s) inside

step-by-step way to move the files
That’s the same as any file moving an copying on your computer. The Dropbox folder is just another folder.

how to get the person to pick them up
Windows: Right-click on the folder
Mac: Control-click on the folder

Choose Dropbox -> Share This Folder…

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A lot of people I work with seem to have some of the same fundamental lack of understanding of Windows that you’re talking about. (Please don’t take that as a slam, but it seems to be a fact, right?) If you get used to working with less-than-full screen windows you’ll find that you can do a lot more moving from folder to folder without the problem that you mention regarding one window closing when another is open. Use small windows side-by-side, and things get a lot easier in the drag-and-drop world.

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@WasCy…If you read my past postings (and profile)....I absolutely own up to the fact that if I could use an old Vintage Hermes Typewriter to do all my emails, I would be in heaven. I have always copped to the fact that I am technologically challenged…not in every aspect of computer stuff, but folders (and moving folders and keeping folders) is one of these grey areas for me (among a few others). To tell me that I don’t have “basic” skills is pushing it, as I’ve used Windows now for 15years——but hey! It’s not like you are telling me that I am illiterate, uneducated and an embarrassment to humanity, is it? So, I’ll own that I don’t know Windows like a pro. I don’t. :)

@jaytkay…Thank you for filling me on the “basic skills” I will need to learn to figure out how to do Dropbox….I appreciated it!

Lurve coming to you both…and I’ll let you know @WasCy…when I can figure out how to make the windows smaller…

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Hit the ‘box’ thingie between the — and X in the top right corner of any window, and you’ll get a re-sizable window (even though it may still fill the screen, because it can be re-sized to ‘full size’). Click and hold down your mouse button at the corner of the window when you get a two-way arrow (you’ll see that two-way arrow if you hover your mouse over the corner of a re-sizable window) and you can drag the corner to make the window any size you want. Click the ‘box’ again to go back to a full-screen window.

You can also use Windows commands to “tile” and do other things with windows, but I’m not so familiar with them.

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