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What is a Good place to host a ".by" domain?

Asked by DrewJ (430points) May 14th, 2011

I’ve registered a ”.by” domain from In short, they’re terrible. I have since learned that my $99 fee to register would have been $29 on Also, 101domain takes FOREVER to get buck to me on any customer service issue. SO in short, I want to switch.

My question is: I have this ”.by” that I want to turn into a website, my problem is that the hosting websites that I use (mediatemple, godaddy, startlogic) don’t allow me to transfer a ”.by” so my hosting is sort of separated.

I’ve tried setting up the name servers at 101domain but it doesn’t seem to work and 101domain is just so unhelpful.

Anyone know of good places I can transfer my ”.by” to that will work well with my hosting options? Preferably an American company? Or if my question at all shows how clueless I a really am to all this it would help me out a lot to just have basic information on how these websites like manage to register a domain from another country yet still find very reliable hosting that will recognize the domain.

I am not looking to just redirect my ”.by” to another website. Lets assume I’m trying to create a URL shortening site like (I’m not)

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(my problem is that the hosting websites that I use (mediatemple, godaddy, startlogic) don’t allow me to transfer a ”.by”)

Can you not just point the domain to that host? and also, don’t you have to wait a minimum of 6 months before you are allowed to transfer a domain name anyway.

I can’t really help, I just thought the info on pointing the domain may help.

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@poisonedantidote Pointing: Simply but it just doesn’t seem to work. I set the nameservers from my hosting provider onto the ”.by” domain at 101domain and it gives me an error about needed to set up a zone record but the hosting provider says a zone record cannot be created from their end. SO then 101domain never responds to me and now I’m stuck.

I didn’t know about the 6 months. SO I guess I have to wait another month or two.

So, in theory, if you just point a domain to the a hosting provider can you a also set which folder within the FTP it uses for the site? WOuld you set that on the hosting provider’s end or the domain registrars end?

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I have only worked with pointed domains a couple of times, so i could be wrong, but as far as i know, folders would be set up on the hosting side. All you would be doing is linking the domain to a host and then on a index file.

I have never heard of .by before, but if you need a short extension, I believe godaddy provide and support .me domain names.

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DNS is a separate service from web hosting, notwithstanding the fact that many web hosting providers also provide name servers and domain registration services.
It’s difficult for me to tell from your question what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

FYI, there appears to be no web server running at the IP address to which your existing A record points.
Also, if mediatemple says they can’t set up a “zone record” from their end (btw, there is no such thing; there are zone files, resource records and SOA records) when they already have an A record for your site on their nameserver then they are blowing smoke and you should not pay them to do that. My advice would be to have them remove the existing A record and go elsewhere for your DNS services (and possibly for the hosting as well.)

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I wouldn’t have trusted that site from the start. Several spelling mistakes, a flashy in your face layout where erything is new and customer service over the phone? Sorry you used them.

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