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What you you do when you're at a bar?

Asked by wundayatta (58505points) May 14th, 2011

I hardly ever go to bars, and when I do, it’s usually with a friend. I have one beer. That’s about it. I’m such a light weight. I don’t particularly enjoy bars or drinking, but it’s a lot better now that smoking has been made illegal in bars.

I know other people go hang out with a lot of friends. I know some go with one friend and some guy hits on them and sneaks the date rape drug in when they aren’t looking. They get found later dazedly wandering down a random street, unable to say how they got there.

Some guys go to pick up someone. So do some women. There must be hundreds of other reasons why. Maybe you go there to find true love. Hey! Some people do that. Maybe it’s just where you meet your gang.

Why do you go to bars?

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I rarely go to a bar. If I do it’s during football season to watch a game. I also like to play darts or pool, but that’s about it. I’d rather have a few beers at home.

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I just go to hang out with friends.

I end up making a fool out of myself.

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I gave up trying to pick up women in bars years ago. I never had any success picking up a woman in a bar. Now I only go with friends and or to have a “pub meal” (burger and fries).

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Get kicked out…
Just 35 more days! :)

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I might go to a bar to get a meal, but never to drink or to “hang out”, and never ever if there was smoke.

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I love the ambiance. And I like to go where everybody knows your name. Cheers.

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The only reason I have ever gone into a bar is to see a friend’s band play. I don’t drink and I feel kind of claustrophobic and dirty (because of the beer and smoke smell) and it makes me very un-comfortable to have to put up with all of the pick up lines and get screamed at that I must be a lesbian, because I refused the advances of some drunk dude.

On the other hand, most of the lesbians that have asked me out have been really sweet and were not offended at all that I had to turn down their request for a date. They just join in with the group and become quick friends with all of us. Yea! for lesbians!

And I do like the peanuts and the blooming onions!

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The last time I went to a stand-alone bar was 1/1/95. I had a couple of drinks and sang a couple of songs via karaoke.

Since then, the only thing I do at a bar is start a drink, and then wait for our dining table.

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Uh, drink, what else? :p Joking lol.

I don’t like bars actually. In fact I despise them. Beers are too expensive, plus many establishments are so loud that you can’t hear yourself saying things you think are awesome in some alcohol fueled conversation. I’ve never liked the bar scene. Either too loud or hyper, or too dark and depressing. Plus you can’t smoke in bars anymore, so that sucks. It also doesn’t help that a lot of my jobs were waitress jobs in bars, so I’ve grown this kind of nursed resentment for them.

I used to go to this one awesome bar though, it was called Wellington’s, and it was a rivethead/goth bar. I didn’t even drink that much back then, I went there to listen to Industrial music and be all gawth, and usually left with sample CD’s. But it eventually got all changed and started sucking. I’ll drink at home with my things and in my own little world, which doesn’t include smelly bathrooms, thanks.

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It used to be to socialize with my friends and play darts, as well as the beer. That was years ago. Now, if I go into a bar/pub, it is for a meal. If a beer is involved, it is because I can walk home.

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I eventually fall down.

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Talk to my friends, have a coke or sprite. I like dance clubs, I am not much of a bar person.

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I really only like “local” bars, not clubs (I hate those) if there’s live music or a major sporting event (like the Kentucky Derby) or a drag queen show.
I’ll usually drink (more than one beer, if I didn’t drive there), socialize happily, make a few new friends and go to my own home alone after last call.

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I pretty much never go to bars. Occasionally, a friend will go, and I’ll go to hang out with them. But for the most part, I’d rather hang out with them at one of our places, where the liquor is cheaper, I can hear them talking, and I’m not hugely afraid of someone slipping date rape drugs into my drink. Or, go to a restaurant where they have food and the entire point doesn’t revolve around getting drunk enough to tolerate the drunk people in there.

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I like to go, have a beer or two, strike up a conversation with somebody new. Sometimes I go to watch sports with friends.

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Sometimes to meet up with friends
Sometimes to listen to a band
Sometimes for a meal
Sometimes just to sit in a quiet corner with a book and a pint of good real ale.
Never to pick up a date.

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Hang out with my friends, where we have a couple of rounds, play darts or pool, or see a band. If I meet someone interesting, then I meet someone. I don’t go anywhere with the express purpose to pick up or be picked up.

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The last time I went to a bar it was to hear my husband’s best friend’s masters degree recital! It’s a known music place, so it’s not as unusual as it may sound. Prior to that it was for a burger meal. It’s pretty rare for us to go to a bar. If we were to go, it would likely be to hear Joe play.

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I don’t go to bars very often. When I do, it’s usually when all the kids from out of town are home, like around Christmas or a long weekend or something, and we all meet up at our favourite dive bar to hang out. That only happens two or three times a year. I’ve only gone to bars in Toronto a few times since I’ve been here, and that’s either been to see a band or meet up with friends who are in town. It’s most often a place to meet and have a couple of beers before we head to someone’s apartment.

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hang out with friends and drink. Bars are no fun if you don’t have friends to hang out with.

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The last bar I went to was with my son and we went for a meal and a drink and caught up on the news.

I used to socialise in bars, meet people and get drunk but no more.

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To hang out with friends, drink, and play play, maybe some food if it’s good there.

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Never went to one but I used to go to dance clubs a lot. I’d drink alcohol until I exploded and danced for hours. I’d go with a girlfriend. I loved it. ((-;

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