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What are some great activities to do while in Thailand?

Asked by BCarlyle (372points) April 23rd, 2008

I’ll have about three weeks to spend in the country.

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sit on a beach and eat mangoes… try ko phi phi, ko samet, ko lanta… ko = island

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Ahh! I love Thailand. Go to a transgender show in Bangkok, the floating markets, Bridge on the River Kwai, wats, to get out of the city take a trip to Hua Hin. The weekend market will keep you busy allllllll day. Buy Buy Buy… everything is so inexpensive, I had to buy another suitcase to bring all my stuff back to the States.

I can’t wait to go back.

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funny you should ask this because i am vacationing there right now in bangkok. you should definitely try the weekend market for souvenirs for friends. i bought a really cool thai stringed puppet there for cheap. also do not miss the MBK shopping center. you can always always bargain prices with shop keepers. reduce the price by 50 percent and then work your way up from there. Try the cuisines in the street. use your judgement. yesterday i went swimming in the ocean (which will be the warmest body of water you’ve ever been in) and saw jellyfish….then i got out. but swimming in the ocean is amazing!!

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MBK is an experience for sure.

And the Persian Gulf (not really an ocean..) water near Dubai is the warmest I’ve ever been in, but super salty.

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A recent article on BoomVoyage is about Chiva Som, a spa resort in Hua Hin famous for its spa cuisine. It mentions touring the palace used in The King and I, taking a river trip on the Chao Phya River near Bangkok, having an elephant ride, and the markets of Chiang Mai among other interesting options. Have a great trip!!!

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I think we should consult peedub on this one. I think he may have some valuable input.

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Thailand, the land golden temples and expansive marketplaces. One can roam the streets for hours nibbling local delicacies and finding things like that wooden jewelry box you never knew you needed. Fortuanately for you, your wallet is safe from the usually bashing travel can inflict, however be sure to keep your face out of harm’s way if you happen upon a Muy Thai match, considered the country’s main sport. If you do suffer a beating, there’s always a chance to lick your wounds over a nice mug of cobra blood.

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I think there is a place you can watch elephants draw their own portraits.

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And another place where you can watch them play soccer! There was also an elephant polo tournament while I was there.

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Eat as much papaya salad with sticky rice as possible (som tam). Try to find a food stand selling grilled chicken to go with it – all orange/red and delicious. Best meal on earth!

Definitely get a Thai massage. In Bangkok, Wat Po has a couple outposts for it’s massage school that offer excellent, affordable massages (and no funny business).

Sukothai has great ruins – Ayuthaya not so much.

Check out a Thai mall – an insane hyper-consumerist experience.

Chiang Mai is a very pleasant, walkable city.

Avoid Phuket.

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Thanks for all the great responses. I can’t wait!!!

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I second getting a thai massage. SO amazing. Also, drink “mixed fruit shakes” they are delicious. and street food is fine if you can see they are cooking it. don’t forget your malaria pills!

If you go to the north, the overnight train from bangkok to chiang mai was great. I did a “hill tribe trek” near chiang mai (although I hear they are better in chiang rai – smaller groups and less intrusive).

also, if you learn a few words in thai (hello, thank you, and numbers for starters) you will get better prices and excited, friendly people. :)

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In response to nicholasbeem: But if they offer a “happy massage” just say NO! I’m sure you can deduce what this is… (awkward….)

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DEFINITELY check out the Queen’s Elephant Conservatory, not too far from Chang Mai. It’s very educational, all your money goes to helping preserve the animals that once were used for work and now are being replaced by machines.

Take a cooking class in Chang Mai.

Go scuba diving around Krabi.

Rent a scooter and drive around in the hillsides, checking out the smaller, non-touristy towns.

Take the train.

Go to the Thai Massage school in Bangkok where any kind of massage is discounted by the practicing students.

Talk to some monks-in-training, they will love the opportunity to practice their English, and you will love learning more about their culture.

Eat fresh pad thai and pineapple from the street vendors for like 50 cents. AND mango coconut sticky rice, ohhhhh….

If you get “creature comfort” sick, check out a VIP movie in Bangkok – new releases with reclining leather couches, pillows, blankets, and table service for the price of a regular movie in the states.

Consider hopping over to Cambodia and checking out Angkor Wat for a few days – phenomenal!

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Ride a tuk tuk in Bangkok during rush hour.

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oh yes! I watched the elephant football match when I was there. It’s kind of boring actually.

You can get massage in some of the temples. I think they are all blind and I forgot the reasons why…

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