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Daily Habits: In what manner do you drink water usually?

Asked by krrazypassions (1350points) May 15th, 2011

Water is an essential ingredient of our regular diet. We are accustomed to drinking plain water whenever we are thirsty.
Do you simply gulp down water or do you take short sips… do you drink it standing or sitting? Do you drink from a glass or from a bottle?
lastly, how much water do you drink on a daily basis and do you have an alternative drink to plain water to quench thirst?

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There’s always a glass of water on the go somewhere about the house, I’ll take a sip or a glug as I fancy and drink tea and juice too. I take seriously the issue of being healthily hydrated, but count all liquid as part of my intake. Where we live, the tap-water tastes ok, sometimes if it is a bit chemically we’ll filter it. There are too many myths about drinking water these days, feeding into the mass market of unnecessarily bottled water, which we don’t use.

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I have a huge glass of water with ice pretty much all day every day. It’s just a habit, I’ve always been pretty good about drinking a lot of water. I like it, I’ve never really understood how anyone can not like water.

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I drink it through out the day, and keep a full glass by the bed.

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Heavily marinated with coffee beans.

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@all I want to stress on the point of whether you gulp down water hurriedly or sip in slowly?

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It depends. If I notice I am thirty, I may drink a whole glass of water at once. Other times I sip it.

Other drinks do not quench thirst the way that water does.

I drink a lot of tea, but that is a diuretic.

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I drink about half a gallon of water a day. There’s a water cooler in my office that I use to fill up a mug I keep there, and I bring a water bottle with me since I’m usually out and about. I take short sips, usually while standing. I don’t get to sit very often.

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I sip it and I gulp it. It depends. Like @marinelife said, if I’m thirsty I can drink a whole glass at once. Otherwise, I have a glass of water all day and I guess I sip it.

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water is life- I drink atleast about 2–3 litres of plain water daily. I usually drink one glass of water at a time and gulp it down without thinking much about it.
However, i have heard that the best way is to sit down, and sip the water gently and feel it trickling down your throat into your belly and appreciate the feeling of thirst getting quenched by that water before you take the next sip.

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I drink gallons of water. I buy bottled for taking in my car and have very good mountain water in my community. I have to pee, on average about every 30 minutes. lol

I love water…my number one choice of drink with meals and in between. Next to Champagne and beer. haha

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I get kidney stones and I have no colon, so I have to drink ridiculous amounts of water. Still getting used to it actually, haha.

I don’t gulp it down, but I constantly keep a huge jug of water by my side and try and remember to sip at it every few minutes.
For me, plain water is not all that well absorbed. Absorption in the small intestine works best when you drink fluids that have chemical proportions similar to that of your blood. So a very good hydrating drink can be created by adding about ⅓ tsp salt to Gatorade G2. I’m not certain whether this is true for normal colon-having people as well!

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Typically I sip from a water bottle throughout the day. Usually to the tune of 1 to 1.5 liters per day. If I’m really thirsty I will gulp it down. This happens more often at work. I’ll get really busy and then realize that I’m very thirsty.

@ANef_is_Enuf I know! What the heck is less innocuous than water? I can understand if someone has a lot of chlorine in their tap water, or a funky taste of some kind… but otherwise, what’s to dislike?

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I gulp a large glass of tap water down in the morning,then I will have a few more glasses throughout the day.
Once in awhile,I will buy bottled water,but not often.
If I’m desperate,I’ll drink from a puddle.;)

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Do you simply gulp down water or do you take short sips? Sips, unless thirst is the result of a workout or a few hours in the hot sun.

Do you drink it standing or sitting? Both, but more likely sitting.

Do you drink from a glass or from a bottle? Usually, a glass. The only time a bottle is used is while on vacation. And don’t shoot me, but I have no issues consuming water from a drinking fountain or a garden hose.

Lastly, how much water do you drink on a daily basis and do you have an alternative drink to plain water to quench thirst? I’m not sure. Probably several glasses a day. As for alternatives, I drink tea and coffee for the caffeine and warmth. Orange Gatorade is the preferential drink when sick with the flu or a cold.

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Gulp or sips? If I am working outside I will gulp it down. Otherwise I drink it with my meal.
Sitting or standing? Standing outside, sitting if indoors.
Glass or bottle? I never buy bottled water. I drink unfiltered tap water, also from the hose outside.
How much? About 6 cups day in the form of green tea or coffee or plain water.. I also drink orange juice about 6 oz daily.

Note: I do not carry water with me wherever I go. I do not live in a desert nor is there ever a shortage of public water fountains if I need some.

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I always start my day with a pint of water, not only to hydrate myself but to help get my morning meds down my throat…sip with the meds then gulp the rest down, usually stood at the sink in the kitchen drinking out of a pint glass while looking out of the window checking my back garden over. Then I’ll have a coffee before heading out……. :-/

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I start with a glass of water beside the bed when I go to sleep. I often wake up in the middle of the night and want a drink. I usually take two or three large gulps at a time when I drink it. I don’t think I ever sip at water.

I drink quite a bit of water throughout the day. I usually have a glass or water bottle near me at all times, even when I travel (especially during the warmer months). I also drink a lot of coffee and ice cold tea (no sugar).

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I don’t drink much water, I drink tea, which I sip. When I was living in a warm country I drank a lot of iced water which I sometimes sipped sitting down and other times I gulped when standing.

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I drink my first 12 oz taking pills in the morning. I just swallow. . . neither sip nor gulp
2nd 12 oz at lunch
3rd 12 oz at dinner
And perhaps 12 oz more in the afternoon or evening.
At home I drink from a glass, but I also may carry a bottle with me when I’m out.
I don’t particularly like water. I never learned to drink coffee and tea stains my rather large teeth. I’ve had to stop drinking alcohol for health reasons, so water has become my main fluid intake. Fortunately we have ‘good’ water where I live.

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I’m drinking water right now. I need to drink water all day. I usually will have an open water bottle that is room temperature sitting around and drink it as I need it. Sometimes I drink it all down or just take small amounts till its finished and then get another bottle.
I usually end up drinking close to a gallon a day. Somedays its a little more or some days its less. I drink other stuff during the day so that also adds water to the day. Milk, juice, coffee, or soda.

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I drink about a gallon of iced tea per day, year ‘round, including some cranberry juice and lemon. I almost never drink water “straight”, and I don’t drink much of anything else except the occasional gin-tonic.

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If I’m thirsty I’ll gulp down a pint of water in about three seconds. Otherwise I take my water like @Cruiser – filtered through ground coffee and sipped slowly.

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@marinelife – just wondered how often you wondered if you were thirty, I rather like the idea of finding my age a surprise!

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I’ve been known to drink up to a couple gallons a day, but I’d say a gallon is more typical. Usually it’s from a large plastic bottle, like a reused 2 liter or gallon sized one, but lately a lot has been from my hydration pack.

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Throughout most of my childhood I would get cold water with a cup by means of the dispenser on the fridge. I’d drink it periodically throughout the day. And I’d always have water with any meal; I’ve never been a big drinker or juice, milk, or soda.

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I almost always have a large cup of water nearby and usually drink it slowly and regularly while seated. In addition to two to three litres of water per day, I may drink some other fluids such as milk and or coffee (in moderation). At times I may get very thirsty and drink large amounts of water at one time while standing.

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