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Whats one thing you want to do in life before you die?

Asked by missbabyboo (195points) April 23rd, 2008

i was just wondering what does everyone want to do before they die…for me, i want to at least go around the world to places i want to go like japan, china, and all others..i also want to become sorta famous but at least i want to have an album of my own even if it sucks..=] i doubt these stuffs will happen but thats what i want to do before i die

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find love; true at that.

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I want to travel the world, too. I want to set foot on every continent, to visit Antarctica, to see the Northern/Southern lights, to backpack someplace, to live with a family in another country. I have all kinds of traveling dreams… =]

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To travel more and find true love. I want to visit places like Antarctica, Japan, Greece and Russia.

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Greece is awesome. Santorini was amazing… you ride up on a donkey. It’s actually optional, but who wouldn’t want to?

I’d love to visit Russia! And Japan, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Peru, Brazil, Panama, Chile, Egypt, South Africa, and on and on and on….

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I think a couple must see places are. Australia – I have some facination with kangaroos. Japan – gotta love the culture and technology. Greece – because of my heritage. Middle east – for places like jerusaluem and Cairo.

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Jerusalem is a must see. I have been there many times and it’s more fascinating each time.

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To live, love, laugh and look back from old age with a smile.

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willlbrawn: Yay! Another Greek! But I’m only 1/4.

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Visit all of you.

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I would like to stand on Masada and watch the sunrise, later that day I would like to stand on Masada and watch the sunset.
I would also like to see my daughter graduate, possibly get married, possibly have children. I want to share my life with her as two adults.
I want to watch my wifes face on the morning of our 50th anniversary.
I want to watch the trees we plant, grow into large shadows over the roof in the summer.

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write down my grandfathers war story’s…before HE dies

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Very poetic, judochop.

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Go to space and look back on Earth.

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Interesting how all the answers are travel. I’m suprised no one said “Angelina Jolie”.

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She’s just not my cup of tea…

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@spargett: I would like to add that to my list please. Thank you.

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I want to spend weeks and weeks in Africa, watching the wildlife.

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Travel to anywhere outside the US (that’s not a war zone).

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Travel (especially Venice, on the account that it’s sinking)
Find love
Have nice kids
Write good books that people actually read
Become famous so that the world will remember me after i die (a bit tragic, but true)

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Bring justice to someone who couldn’t have had it without my help.

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Live, and what nikipedia said. Big time.

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Touch peoples lives and inspire them. I don’t know how I’ll do this but I would feel good on my death bed knowing I helped people in some small way be happier.

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@spargett – yup, Angelina is on my list too.

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Travel is desireable, but what I really want to do is hold my great-grandchildren. (note: I am almost 42 and nowhere near ready to be a Grandma yet!)

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sawyer: I wouldn’t mind traveling into a war zone. It would definitely be a new experience and it’s something you would never ever forget. Plus, you could tell your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren what it was like in ______ during the war.

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Obtain immortality.

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Sample every “Scotch” made…
Attend a Baseball game in every Major League Stadium…..
And if that doesn’t happen…
That’s okay
I’m good…
No regrets…..

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@allie trust me you don’t want to visit a war zone.

I am satisfied with the hand God has dealt me. I have been to great places with my family. I have done great things.

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i hope to pave the rainforest.

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“Paint a self-portrait.
Build a house.”

ok now lets see who gets this ^_^

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Fight Club….Damn I’m good. I wanna ride in a monster truck. Kinda wierd but it’s been on my wish list since the 2nd grade. I have to stick to those ya know.

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I want to see Colorado.

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Thanks Bri! now that I have a map, my new goal is to go there. I wish you could do that for me too, ha ha!!

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Have a vegetable garden. Live near the ocean so I can learn to surf. Refurbish an old house and keep it off the grid, if possible. Become a thoughtful philanthropist.

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here is the beginning of a very long list…

throw a live hand grenade
stay awake for 72 hours
invent something
save the world
be green, recylce, environmentally conscious
work in a dangerous lab with respirators and full body suits
work in R&D
no divorces
stay in contact with friends
free fall (this weekend!!!)
scuba dive
make an album
fire a bunch of rounds from an fully automatic
blow stuff up
thermite! (this summer..)
plant trees
to be continued

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I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before: SPACE CAMP!!!

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@uberbatman The house building thing…I / we did that a few years back. What an experience. We did most of the work ourselves…. Would do it again, but getting to old and besides…..We kinda like what we did “Together”.....When you get to the house stage, let me know I might be able to allay any fears….Yes it is a rather large undertaking, but well worth the journey….

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There are lots of things in life I’d like to do before I die and here are some of the many I can think of:

- Visit the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C.
– Learn to scuba dive
– Go Skydiving at least once
– Visit Hawaii, Australia, and South America
– Go to Disneyworld
– Learn how to surf
– Earn my private pilot’s license
– Finish my college education

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