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If you were a mad scientist, what type of monster would you build?

Asked by HungryGuy (16014points) May 15th, 2011

Would you build a modern high-tech monster like Splice or The Human Centipede? Or would you go with a more traditional monster like Frankenstein or Swamp Thing?

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If I were a mad scientist, I wouldn’t need to build a monster. I would already be one.

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One made out of cake.

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“The cake is a lie!”

(Plus, it’s hard to find fish-shaped ethylbenzine and all that rhubarb!)

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If I was an evil scientist, I’d just clone my dad a hundred times.
All the monsters you need for a truly monstrous time ;)

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These babes would work out just fine.
Scratch number two though, she’s waaay too demented looking ;¬}

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I already made Sarah Palin in 1964. I figure I should stop while I am behind.

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Mine would be a 12’ tall MIL with a 18 volt cordless cork screw. Nightmare city!

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I would create a monster that pops out only to take your toilet paper away at the exact moment you are about to wipe anything! And the only way for him to give it back to you is if you sing the US national anthem punctuated with a single dropping of your tear. Bwahahahahaha!

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@mazingerz88 WTF! Where on earth did you come up with that idea? Lmfao!!!

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I would resurrect Charles Darwin.

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I’d build a Maid Monster to clean my house.

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Godzilla (the original, not the iguana). Only 100 times bigger.
And with 1000000000 copies. They would then lay waste to the planet. Glorious.

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Monster sized . . . . . . . . . . . .Blueberry, goes good on pancakes. YUMMY

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Instead of the human centipede, I’d build the human millipede.

I’m so hardcore.

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@KatetheGreat – Supposedly, that’s going to happen, actually: The Human Centipede II

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@HungryGuy EEEEEEEP! I’m so excited! This just made my day!

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@noelleptc – Is there such a thing????

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@noelleptc – Oh my! So you’d take the brain from the nerd one, and the c**k from the studly one, and the muscles from the sports nut one, and…..

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@noelleptc Even parts of their brains? How would you know which parts lol?

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This one.
His name is “Poolboy” :))

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I’d try to build some form of Godzilla. :D

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Haha Splice. That thing was an amphibious mammal with the locomotive qualities of a lizard; and she had wings. My god. It’s a bit hard to top, but I’d love to see a human centipede being able to scale walls, bound from roof to roof and knock shit over all the time. I’d make some twisted ass shit like that.
It might be cool to create something like the legion boss from the Castlevania games. A huge ball of live people all stitched together.

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Has anyone seen the movie Sharktapus? I want an oysterator, half gator half oyster.

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Haha, Sharktopus. IT WALKS ON LAND. Also, oysterator; win.

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