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What are you going to do on your Last Day? (May 21st)

Asked by Rarebear (25162points) May 15th, 2011

The world is ending that day, in case you didn’t know. Personally, I’m going to have a beer.

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I have plans for the weekend of June 4th. The world can’t end before then.

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Hm. I’ll rob a bank, free base some crack rocks, and drink myself into a coma.

Sounds about right.

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What am I going to do that day? I’m going to rue the fact that I paid my bills early.

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I’m going to surf…the Internet.

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If the world is indeed ending on the 21st, then that sucks for my friend who just bought his ticket to the big 4 show. 300 bucks down the drain.

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I will be floating on an innertube in the river.:)

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Roland Garros starts at the 21st, so yeah, watch some tennis.

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I’ll be practicing to play the organ in church the next day…

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I’ll be at a party that my friends are hosting at their fancy new house, celebrating my 31st birthday!

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Laugh at Harold Camping and all who listen to him.

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I’m going to masturbate, drink a beer, then a martini (dry, with Tanqueray), then have sex, then eat Risotto, complete with every form of seafood there is.

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I’ll probably Fluther. I was going to go to a gathering (of survivalists, incidentally), but I missed a couple days of work this week while sick and it isn’t so economically feasible for me to drive a long distance and miss another day of work.

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We’ll be at a friend’s house starting a new D&D campaign. :-)

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The world will end on the 21st? I must be living under a rock. Well, no point of coming to the surface now.

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Throwing a huge party!! And apparently a KYA goodbye party!! Woo HOO!

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I’ll be at a graduation ceremony in Chicago. Umm! Maybe I’ll make that graduation gift check for $5,000 instead of $50. It won’t matter since it will be the last day.

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Making sure that day really is humanity’s last day.

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I’m going to see Alton Brown doing live cooking demonstrations! Yay!

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Sleep in, haha.

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Huh, I think @Blackberry might have figured out the perfect Saturday. I’ll second that.

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Not dieting.

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I shall frolic naked in a meadow, cradling my nuts as I skip along for fear of stinging nettles & gnawing insects.

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