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What is the last thing you do, before going to bed/sleep?

Asked by MilkyWay (13730points) May 15th, 2011

Some of us read, turn off the light, say a prayer or give our other half a kiss.
What do you do?

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I contemplate the vastness of interstellar space, then it’s off to bed for me!

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I usually say a prayer, and set my iPod on a sleep timer. I then proceed to listen to Live at Massey Hall 1971 by Neil Young as I crash.

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(NSFW) I play with myself, nice way to relax a good orgasm before bed

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I turn down the volume on my TV, and watch something that amuses me or makes me laugh.
Getting to sleep is harder for me if I’m watching something that annoys or scares me.

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I also do the same as @creative1. It helps me sleep.

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Well.. the last thing I do is turn off the light, unless I am not reading. lol

Then…I usually pop in a CD of something I like, on low volume and say goodnight to my 2 cats, Mia & Marley, who are usually either on the bed, or one is on the bed and the other is on the cat tower at the foot of my bed.

Fluff my pillows, get all comfy and ‘arranged’...zzzzzzzz.

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Sometimes I read. Otherwise, I brush my teeth and pass out. Maybe cuddle my partner if I’m at home.

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I rub myself. Then I usually play redlettermedia’s reviews on youtube, to help me fall aslumber.

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I check Fluther.

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I watch the first 15–20 minutes of Star Trek TNG series 2, episode “Q who” while I smoke a joint.

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I’ll give my hubby a kiss and a I love you,
If he’s in bed. Or I’ll try to read a book or work a puzzle.

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I hang from a tree!

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LOL Do you have an oxygen chamber too?

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Kiss my husband good night and say, “I love you Baby. See you in the morning. Sweet dreams.”

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Read, or listen to music. Pluck a few eyebrow hairs. I’ll do my nails. It’s nice to wake up with nice nails. Facial mask etc. It’s my girly time when I’m by myself. When my boyfriend’s around or I’m at his place it’s sex before bed or a game of cribbage.

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Oh God! Cruiser sleeps in a coffin! lol
. A bit ‘long in the tooth are you?’ hahaha

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brush my teeth, urinate, and pray.

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Lol! Interesting guys. Very interesting…

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@Coloma no just a vine that is like having ram air on the down swing!!

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@Cruiser Is that your mating call?

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@creative1 no…just my drive though order at McDonalds.

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I’m usually drunk before bed, so I don’t do much but unceremoniously plop into my bed and hope to never wake up again haha. Most of my days, drunk or not, are ended by listening to music though.

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Brush my teeth, snuggle with the dog in her bed a few minutes, then read a few pages in the latest book I’m reading and fall asleep.

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Check my games on Words with Friends.

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Put on a movie if I’m by myself. If not, snuggle in with my fiancee and hope that whatever he’s got streaming on internet radio isn’t awful. He listens to stinky talk radio (the people on there are kinda stupid), but he had cool ocean sounds on the other night. :)

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lotion up the feet and put socks on! Its the perfect way to get super soft feet. <3

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I either think about my existence, or women.

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Usually make love to my partner and drift off to sleep shortly afterwards.

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I listen to Mad World, and cry myself to sleep.
Or text my girlfriend and say I love my beautiful Aysun.
Or imagine I am in a situation where I am dying from all the daily pain I breathe, and slowly die in a painful death, letting my final blink drift me into loathey blackness.
Or pet my dog who demands to be petted. Which is very tiring to do.

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iPod or reading time.

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Bring the dogs inside, lock the doors or check that they are.

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Here is what I do lately, and it is going to sound strange, but it puts me straight to sleep every time!
I do this yogic meditation wherein I sit cross-legged, my eyes shut, back straight. I then inhale deeply and hold the breath, and while the breath is held, I contract the anal muscles, the vaginal muscles, and the pelvic muscles right below the navel at the same time. I do that contraction 3 times while my breath is held and then exhale slowly. I repeat that process for about 3 minutes, and then I inhale deeply and exhale deeply, then hold the breath out while doing the 3 contractions. Then i turn out the light and lay in bed on my back, and i am out like a light. :)

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Tonight the last thing I have done before brushing my teeth was eat a big, juicey apple and a handful of Whoppers! lololol

Now..that big ol’ moon is shining down on me!

Good night Moon!

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I put on lip chap

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In bed, with the lights out, I shut my eyes and see what’s playing. Sometimes it’s in multicolor like a lava lamp; sometimes I’m traveling down the street looking at houses. I don’t know if I’m in a car, but I’m going too fast to see details. Sometimes I’m able to slow it down so I can walk up on a porch or walk down the walk that runs towards the back yard. I’m usually asleep soon after that. I’ve never seen any people..

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Before I go to bed : Check everything is locked & secured, for i’m the man of the house & fiercely proud of it….yeah right.
Before I go to sleep : Spoons with the missus, then it’s cuddle time for my fwuffy pink bunny wabbit!

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Right before I go to sleep? I take my dog out to the bathroom, get another drink of water, check on my daughters, then curl up next to my hubby and pass out.

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Switch the light off usually. Before that I go to the loo, turn my tortoises heat lamp off so he knows it’s time to sleep and make sure the dogs are NOT in the same room as the tortoise!

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I have OCD So I lock the doors, get in bed and then get up and make sure I locked the doors… Repeat about 2 more times.

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