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What and how many food products are made by ConAgra?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) May 15th, 2011

I am a label reader. I like to know who manufactured the food I am about to purchase and what is in it. Most of the time I see Made in China. What is not made in China? I have always thought that ConAgra just made hamburger meat. Not so! I just looked at the label on a key lime pie and discovered its made by ConAgra. A can of chili tamales is made by ConAgra. Question: is there a list of food products that are made by ConAgra?

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Jleslie, thanks. I had no idea that ConAgra made so many popular food brands. jp

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@john65pennington You’re welcome. I think you probably don’t do a lot of the grocery shopping :). Sometimes they do a sale by 10 products get a certain amount of dollars off, and it can be any of their products throughtout the store. P&G does stuff like that too.

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I knew that ConAgra made a great deal of products but find it disturbing that they own so many brands. Thanks @JLeslie for the link. I support family farms, when possible, and worry when conglomerates like this get farm subsidies and can, thanks the the Supreme Court, do unlimited advertising for the candidate of their choice.

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