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Please help identify this bone.

Asked by digthis (20points) May 15th, 2011

We found this bone in the North Sulphur River in Ladonia TX. It was partly buried and in the bottom of the river. It is approximately 15” long and very heavy. I believe it is partly fossilized. Most bones such as cattle bones are hollow and not heavy when picked up. Any help would be appreciated.

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A picture would make the job much easier.

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How do I add the pictures I have?

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If you have the pictures stored on flickr, TinyPic, Picasa, etc you simply type the URL here.

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It looks like a horse bone to me.

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Perfect. Welcome to fluther.

You probably just got the correct ID from @KatetheGreat.

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Some sort of bovine species?

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If you look up the history of the North Sulphur River there has been fossils and bones found there form many years.

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@digthis: Do you have a large university nearby with a paleontology or cultural anthropology or forensic medicine department? If the area has a lot of fossils, there must be experts in identifying the bones.

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It looks like a femur or upper hind leg bone because of the rounded shiny knob at one end which would fit in the hip socket. I don’t know what animal.

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This is so cool! Would you consider getting the bone dated? Even if the horse bone turned out to be only 50–100 years it would still make a nice story. Wish I could find a fossil…

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@digthis If you collected that bone from public land and it is in fact a fossil, you may have committed a crime. Don’t want to spoil your parade, but the penalties can be strict.

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Its in the north sulphur river in Texas and people have been going there including museum employees from OU for many years. Its a public place.

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