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Has Fluther changed you?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32302points) May 16th, 2011

Have you learned something on Fluther that altered your actions?

I for one am going to start brushing, flossing, and brushing again.

Perhaps it was something more profound. Have you changed the way you view the world or people or god?

Are you different from when you started your Fluther experience?

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I just joined like an hour ago. So not really. I am still waiting for an answer to my question. Maybe then Fluther could change me.

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It has. I think I’m more open-minded about a lot of things, because I’ve had the chance to see things from so many different points of view. My world-view is bigger now, you know? Also, when I started here I was basically an agnostic who sort of believed in some kind of god (not the God of the bible, more like a general higher power of some sort). I’m pretty much all atheist, now. Damn logic. ;)

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When I came to Fluther I was already a filthy vegetarian atheist.

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Yes Fluther has changed me. It has happened mostly by opening up my mind to things I might not have thought of before. I have learned that just because some people’s world views may be completely different than mine, that doesn’t mean they are wrong. Because of one jelly’s point of view, I am much more interested in certain conspiracy theories than I ever thought I could be. This taught me to look more deeply at things and that as much as we want to fit things in to neat little boxes, that isn’t always reality.* Another important thing that Fluther reinforced for me is that everyone has a story, that story is as important to them as my story is to me, and that reality needs to be remembered no matter who we are dealing with.

*You know who you are Mr. Conspiracy Theorist, and I think I speak for many jellies when I say we miss you!

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No, I haven’t changed at all.

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I learned new things but nothing to change the way I think or to make me act different.

But it was a lot of help ^^

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A little bit. There was one particular thread that changed my life. It inspired me to face a lot of my fears and I feel like I’m a better person for it.

I’ve also met some pretty wonderful people that I adore!

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I’ve probably gained 10 lbs. this last year fluthering, sooo, yes, it has widened my ass by an inch or two sitting in my comfy, faux, Alligator skin chair and fluthering long into the night. lol

On a ‘serious’ note, what I enjoy most is making someone smile, laugh, and, maybe, tossing a dash of wisdom into the great soup pot of the collective. ;-)

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I learn something on Fluther probably everyday. I have also improved my humor by flexing my funny bone on this site.

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I learned @erichw1504 has a felxible funny bone. That has changed me tremendously!

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Since joining Fluther my body has grown over 5 tentacles.

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Yes, @blueiiznh

‘Our’ darling Erich was a wee bit grouchy this morning, but…it stops not my joy in his inane humor & writing creativity.

Come closer Erich, let me tickle you a bit, and get you back in the humor saddle. ;-)

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@Coloma I wasn’t, but don’t make me grouchy, ‘cause you won’t like me when I’m grouchy!”

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Coloma just consumed a giant, 3 tortilla, triple decker, cheese, mushroom and spinach quesadilla, from her favorite fluthering chair Hmm…this has got to add another half inch to my booty. Oh, Monday, Monday!

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Doesn’t everything you do change you? I found out that there are two or three people out there who think I have said something worth listening to. That’s made a big difference.

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@Kool_Gal : Stick around. It might. Welcome to Fluther.

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I don’t think so, no, but then again, being changed is gradual, unless you suffer some extremely traumatic incident, go to war or get into an accident. So, if I changed, I’m not entirely sure how, and in which direction it,s taking me. Just speaking for me.
Some things that Fluther offered that I didn’t think were very possible before though…an online community that doesn’t suck, and even though we’re a small place, there’s plenty of very different people here. So I don’t know if that changed anything, maybe it did in the long run, or will, if I stay long enough. It’s also a good place to express myself though, and have people listen, which I admit, is kind of odd, doing that on the internet. But it doesn’t seem wrong, especially when people seem to genuinely listen to you.

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@Coloma I hear ya. The first thing I did in the morning before Fluther was exercise. I was fit. Now I’m a lazy Fluthering blonde.

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Yeah, I think so. Thanks to Fluther, I know there are people who I can really, really disagree with, yet really, really respect and like.

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No, I don’t think it has. I wish maybe it had. I seem to be always be reading and hearing about things that have happened to people that “changed my life!” That never happens to me, or if it has, I have apparently either not noticed or not seen the significance of those life changing moments or events. I am forever plodding and slogging through life as best I can, in the same old not particularly effective or dynamic way I always have. I wish Fluther had “changed me,” I wish something had or would, at least. :-( Oh well, I will just muddle through as best I can, as I always have, I guess.

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It has given me pause for thought over some things and there were more practical things I have learned along the way, like how to clean my washing machine!

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It’s made me more tolerant of non-religous people.

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My friend got me into Fluther. I used to not be as much of a computer addict, but Fluther has made me one. In a positive way!

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