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Where can I get this song free?

Asked by Bilbo123 (165points) May 16th, 2011

I want to download karaoke version of Bryan Adams-Summer of 69 Free.
I can’t download it from, because it’s only for USA.

Anyone know any site from there it can be downloaded?
I just want the this track.

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Have you tried YouTube? There seem to be a lot of them listed.

There are also YT to MP3 converters.

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Oh! Yes. The instrumentals on Youtube are of poor quality(doesn’t match with the original). I want the same track that I have linked.

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did you try Itunes?? It’s only $1.29 for just that song there.

XOIIO's avatar, throw in the youtube URL, and off you go. If you search the song on youtube with HD beside it you can usually find studio quality songs.

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If you use BitTorrent, you can find it here Clear every selection before downloading and check just the Summer of 69 file.

Disclaimer: I do not condone stealing files when there is a pay alternative. Any torrent may have viruses and/or legal repercussions for downloading, use at your own risk.

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