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Keys, wallet stolen. We have the perps on tape, we have their names. What should we do next?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43356points) May 16th, 2011

On Friday night my daughter’s keys and billfold were stolen from her purse. We know who it was. My daughter says she’s going to press charges. Not sure what that will accomplish.

Can she sue them to pay for having all new locks installed in the apartment building she lives in (the residents have a key to let themselves into the building, then that same key opens their apartments) and to pay for a new ignition switch for her truck?

We gave her the Suburban she has now, so fortunately we had a key to it. However, dudes have her address and her other key.

What should we do?

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Obviously, file the police report first.

Take a copy of that to the building manager / supervisor / landlord to see what he can do. He may want to be a party to a civil suit against the thieves, since he’d have to arrange for work to be done on the building main entrance, or warn residents that the thieves may be able to gain access to the apartment building until this is resolved – or he may change the locks on his own.

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@WasCy That actually brings up a second question…if a resident loses a key they have to pay $25 to get a new one made. Corrie can’t be the only person to have ever lost a key. Do they really have to change the master locks every time? Do they have to change every lock on the apartments and issue new keys?.....?\

Good to see you, John!

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Call the police and make a report. You will need a police report, in order to sign a warrant.

Yes, you should prosecute.;

Today it was her billfold and keys. Tomorrow, it may be her vehicle stolen.

Once the thieves are arrested and a court date set. If the thieves confess to the crime, you could tell them that if they paid to have the locks replace, you will ask the DA to give you a lighter sentence to a plea of guilty.

Good luck.

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@john65pennington She’s filing this afternoon. I let her know what you said. Sounds like a plan to me!

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Call the police and give them the evidence that you have.

You should, of course, prosecute. (If the person whose things they stole before your daughter’s had prosecuted, perhaps she would not have been robbed.)

Yes, you could take the perpetrators to small claims court to attempt to recover the expenses associated with recovery from the theft.

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Yes, she should prosecute. Thieves get off too lightly, too often.

Sorry to hear about the theft honey, that sucks.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Honestly…she took her purse in to a BAR! And left it ON THE TABLE when she and her friend went outside for a smoke! Sorry, but that was just dumb…her only reasoning was she’s done it before and no problems! The guys who took it were from out of town. Anyway, be she doesn’t do that again. She’s so trusting….

@marinelife I’ll talk to her about that too. Problem is with actually getting them to PAY, even if we do get a judgement in our favor…

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The main key should be a non duplicatable key hopefully, which means if they get the key back from the criminal they maybe could choose not to change everyone’s keys, unless there is some reason to think he is connected to someone who can make the keys.

I am guessing the theif has stole other thinsg before, and a search of his apartment would be nice. It might help some other victims.

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@Dutchess_III Whaaatttt??!!! God, please make sure she knows NEVER to leave a drink on a table out of sight, and then go back to drinking it. Drinks always have to be in front of you and in your sight while at a bar or party with strangers.

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@JLeslie I know…I know….

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@Dutchess_III. :). Ok, good, it obviously isn’t what you have taught her, just she is being too trusting on her own.

When I saw what you had written it made me think of an acquaintance of mine recently who was worried when her son went to college for his first time he was so trusting and was not worried about locking his dorm door, he met most of the guys on the floor and trusted them. His mom was all worried because he was going to school in Atlanta which she perceived as a large city that you have to be worried about theft and safety. I said how can he be naive like that considering he was raised here? We live outside of Memphis, crazy amount of crime in Memphis, everone knows it, we are famous for it. Her response was, “yeah, but where we live it is safe.” I did not say anything, but basically she said exactly the same thing her son did.

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DutchessIII, your are welcome. jp

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This is how our children get a little smarter, and you get to say “I told you so.”

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She should move, and get a new car, if possible. If not, then have the locks changed, get a Brinks security system, and get a new car key shape, if possible.

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@pshizzle She can’t move, she can’t get a new car…she’s not rich. She can’t afford cable, much less a Brink’s security system and I have no idea what you mean by a “new car key shape.” All she can do it change the car ignition and that’s probably $300. If she had the hundreds of dollars laying around to move or buy a new car whenever she wanted, she could just hire an attorney instead. Where in the world do you come from??

Guys...@john65pennington...she filed. The police officer she filed with seemed utterly disinterested. He tried to discourage her from taking any action because if they don’t confess there will be all kinds of work and paper work and the DA will have to get involved….I guess she’s at the back of a very long, ho hum line now, so we just get to wait.

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@Dutchess_III When I was robbed I had a similar response from the cops. One said to me theives like this are almost never caught. We had an idea of who might have done it, but they did nothing to follow up I am sure.

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It would be easier to just forget it if they didn’t have her keys and address.

@john65pennington What should we do?

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