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What was it like when you moved out of your parents house at 18just out of high school?

Asked by giggles (162points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

I’m going to be 18 soon and also graduating. I have an okay relationship with my mom and home life is okay. Home life could be alot.. A whole lot great but its a place to come to for food and shelter!! After I graduate I plan to get out of this home as soon as possible!! But I need to be stable before I do that!!!!!

Now my boyfriend on the other hand has it differently!!!! He is also going to be 18 soon and has already graduated from school. His home life is shitty!!! His dad wants him out the day he turns 18!!!!! So moving out for him very difficult!!!!

So I was wondering what was your situation like??? Please share!!!!

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For me it was: “Free at last!!!!”......followed by “Oh shit, I don’t get to keep my pay??” and “How do I do that?”.......after a while you learn to adjust, but it’s a pretty steep learning curve..

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Freedom at a big cost. I was poor after paying for food and shelter. The best advice is stay out of trouble by acting as if your parents were living with you.

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