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Is there a Phone Number + Extension format that is recognized by both the iPhone and Blackberry devices?

Asked by robmandu (21262points) May 16th, 2011

For example, if I set up a meeting request in an online Calendar, I can provide a dial-in phone number for the conference call service plus the extension for my particular “room”, such as 1 (800) 555–1212 extension 97531.

Blackberry devices can auto-dial that entire thing if I provide that information as:
1–800-555–1212 X97531

iPhone devices can auto-dial that entire thing if I provide that information as:

I hate having to put redundant information in the meeting request twice, but have not yet come up with a format that works with both devices.

Have you?

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Since you could ask people to dial 1–800-mydogistheverybest but the connection only cares about the first 11 digits, this question interested me so I tried an experiment with my Blackberry to dial

It skipped over the p934 and still connected to the extension.
I would imagine the iphone would also connect by having the correct digits and format needed plus a few extras that don’t count? I don’t know anybody with an iphone who can test it.

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I don’t know an answer to your question, but it could be that you just found an idea to develop an app.

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@Blueroses Nice experiment…..

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