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Have you asked an important person in your life what their first impression of you was?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33013points) May 16th, 2011

If so, what did they answer? Did you believe them? Did it change how you saw them? Did it change how you viewed yourself?

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No, but what a great idea. I’m going to now. Thanks.

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Yes I asked my Mum, she said….& I quote…... ”awww, in he lovely!!” Mum’s are great aren’t they? ;¬}

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Yes, that I was nervous (chewed my gum like crazy) and pretty.

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I was told,“Put together.Want more?Jesus.” XD
This from a good friend of mine

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First impression of @lucillelucillelucille was gorgeous and LONG LEGS!

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@Jude -Thanks.The check is in the mail.XD
You weren’t so bad yourself!:)

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Hmmm…my writing mentor told me my writing, as well as my personality was ’ formidable, yet sincere.’ lol

I have also been told I am ‘intimidating’ to men, by a man. In a good way…lol
Not because of any unflattering personality flaws, but because I am confident, bold and assertive….I give off a very confident vibe. Timid people can be intimidated by my outspoken and rather matter of fact, humorous style.

Just a few days ago an old friend told me his mother said she missed seeing me, that she liked me because I am ‘real.’

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I just asked the wife what her first impressions of me were, 19 years is a long time & I forget stuff okay. Anyway yeah, she said that she thought I was tall dark & handsome but I was a bloody nutter!! She’s so perceptive that girl XD

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My mother said she asked, ‘are you sure it’s a girl? Are you positive? Honestly?”
Sort of sad she had had that much of a problem with my brother. as if a girl can’t be worse.

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Interesting question. I don’t think I’ve ever asked anyone that. I would ask my husband, but unless it’s something really bad, he doesn’t remember much interpersonal stuff after a couple years.

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Before I met my wife in person, I told her that I was dating several women back then.

She said that she appreciated my honesty, because most of the other guys that she talked to said they weren’t dating anyone, when in reality they were.

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My now fiancée used to tell me I was a mystery to him, kind of like Clark Kent at work and Superman in secret. I liked that.

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I thought you said ” when I met my wife in PRISON” lol

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Close- I met her in person about 4 years before she got a job teaching at a prison in Chino. ;-)

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I haven’t, I don’t think. I’m going to, now. Really liking a lot of these introspective questions, lately. They’re prodding me forward!

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