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Is eating more than two eggs a day bad for your health?

Asked by bhec10 (6457points) May 16th, 2011

I’ve heard many people say that eating more than two eggs a day is unhealthy. Is this true? If so, why is that?

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It’s cholesterol levels. Yolks in eggs have a high level of ‘bad’ cholesterol (HDL). However, whites have high levels of LDL (‘good’ cholesterol), if i recall, which is a lot of the cause between the constant flip-flop of eggs being good and bad (basically, whether one outweighs the other is in constant debate). I find the best option is just to eat egg whites most of the time, they’re quite good for you, and yolks only on occasion (because the yolks do contain a lot of good protein, i believe).

Of course, I’m not any sort of expert on the subject, so take all that with a grain of salt (and the eggs)..

As to the limit of two eggs, i have no real clue there. If you’re eating whole eggs I could see that being a bit much for cholesterol levels, but again I’m not really sure.

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Not true, by itself. If you have lipid ( fats in blood ) issues then the story maybe different.

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It is the cholesterol in the yolks that is bad for most people, there is a lot concentrated in that little yellow yolk. If you removed the egg yolk you could eat about 6 eggs, in fact I have seen some diets that suggest a 6 egg white omelet for breakfast every morning.

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No, there was advice in the UK a number of years ago about eggs being high in cholesterol but this has now been discounted. There was also a salmonella scare and egg consumption halved. Eggs in the UK are now pronounced safe and we have the lion mark as a guarantee of safety. You can’t beat a fried egg roll.

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@WestRiverrat Cholesterol in eggs apparently isn’t a problem according to the latest advice

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Eggs are actually a very good source of protein and many other nutrients. If your Cholesterol levels are in the healthy/normal range I see no harm.

I used to keep chickens and collect their eggs, as well as my goose eggs.

Cholesterol of an average chicken egg is about 80mgs. if I am remember correctly

Goose eggs have a whopping 1,200 mgs. !

Sooo.. too many Goose eggs would, literally, be a ‘heart attack on a plate.” haha

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It all depends on how the chicken lived. If she was forced to live in a cage and ate only corn and soy, the eggs will probably be pretty unhealthy. If the chicken was allowed to forage around and eat a variety of things, the eggs are really good for you.

And I have to keep posting this: cholesterol is not bad for you!

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Good point! Yes, my hens were free range unless locked in their house at night for protection from predators. They ate bugs, grass, fruits, veggies, healthy kitchen leftovers and some commercial feed. Their eggs were delicious.

Fresh eggs are nothing like old, flat store bought eggs. Like the dif. between a sun ripened tomato and it’s horrid hothouse mutant cousin.

You can always tell an old egg by the way the yolk goes flat when broken into a pan/bowl.

A truly fresh egg will have a very round and raised yolk that is bright yellow.
Old eggs are flat with pale, washed out yolk color.

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The debate on how healthy eggs are has been going on for decades. Just sayin.

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Oops, error with my response above. HDL is ‘good’ and LDL is ‘bad’. Sorry about that.

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If we’re talking ostrich eggs I’d have to say, “Yeah.”

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If you’re in good health, it’s fine.

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If you’re in fine health, you should be okay. But it may be a good idea not to consume too much. Too much of anything can be bad!

I suggest eating egg whites in addition to yolks. You can buy egg whites separately and they are only 15 cal each.

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I’ve heard that eating under 2 eggs a day is bad for your health.

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No because it’s full of protein.

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