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How long does a child abuse background check usually take to clear?

Asked by silky1 (1507points) May 16th, 2011

After supplying it for a new job application.

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Depends on how deep they dig. It also depends on the workload of the entity doing the check. Normally 1–3 months but it could be up to 6.

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Depends on the state, what job your doing, my sister who needed to get cleared to babysit for my foster child in RI on an emergency basis and was able to be verified in the MA database in a day, but it depends on who needs it what its needed for. For BCI Fingerprints only take minutes to run if you also need them if taken electronically. Its not a long process but it depends on who wants to get the information and how fast they want to do their job.

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I’ve gone through elder abuse checks (not child) for the positions I work/volunteer in, and they took up to 2 weeks or so until they cleared. The search is really thorough.

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