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Chuck Lorre is the creator of Two and a Half Men AND The Big Bang Theory; why does everyone hate him for Men BUT love him for Theory?

Asked by MyNewtBoobs (19041points) May 16th, 2011

I hear a lot of people saying how much they despise Chuck Lorre for Two and a Half Men. To the point where they speak very derogatorily about him and boycott the show – but then they have no problem with him when he’s doing The Big Bang Theory, Dharma and Greg, Mike and Molly, or any of his other shows. So what gives?

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Because between the odious John and Charlie, there’s nothing good about “Men.” The fact that he created a vehicle for them to come into our homes makes people dislike him.

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@klutzaroo Ok, I get that. But then why doesn’t that hatred carry on to TBBT? It’s not like people contain their hatred to just 2.5 Men, and don’t have a problem with Lorre beyond that show. I actually heard a woman today bitching about how much she hates Lorre and 2.5 Men. 5 minutes later, she was talking about how much she loved TBBT.

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@MyNewtBoobs Its nowhere near as annoying of a show. Plus its less pervasive. There aren’t reruns on channels that you’d otherwise be watching of TBBT. The actors aren’t a nutter and a troll and are less annoying in themselves. Its better written. There are a bajillion reasons why.

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@klutzaroo Ok, I get why TBBT is popular, and why people hate 2.5 Men. What I don’t get is how people hate the creator of Men (not just the show, not just that work of his, but saying he’s a horrible horrible person) so much, but then have no problem with him when he’s doing TBBT.

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Its not that they hate him for being him, they hate him for propagating the atrocity. Without his dumbest idea ever, we wouldn’t be subjected to it. I don’t know how else to explain it.

Personally, the idea of Ashton Kutcher taking over for Charlie Sheen makes the show even more gag worthy for me and makes me want to avoid it like the plague even more.

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You are looking for consistency from the wrong set of people, @MyNewtBoobs. People who will hate a television writer solely for creating something they personally dislike don’t typically research what other shows that person might be responsible for. That might require tempering their knee-jerk reaction, after all, and nobody wants that…

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Ignorance or cognitive dissonance.

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@MyNewtBoobs What is it with you and Two and Half Men? :-) Anyway, apparently I do not have my finger on the pulse of Hollywood television production because I had no idea that people despise Chuck Lorre for Two and a Half Men and love him for The Big Bang Theory, etc. People are fickle, hypocritical and capable of speaking out of both sides of their mouths as much, if not more, in Hollywood than they are everywhere and anywhere else in the world. That explains it enough for me.

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@lillycoyote lol Mostly, because it’s such extreme emotions at a TV show – and not even a really bad tv show, comparatively (I hear no one doing anything more than muttering about how Dexter glorifies serial killers, but a guy frequents bars, brothels, and casinos on tv and everyone’s all up in arms…).

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They hate the work but still appreciate the artist.

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I like Big Bang because of the characters. I guess it’s because I identify with a lot of the stuff that goes on in the show. I would think that others enjoy it because they either know people like the characters or because they don’t believe that people like that really exist.

Two and a Half Men is just unfunny. I say this only having seen a couple of episodes in their entirety – I’m not about to pretend that I’ve seen a lot of it or that I even know a lot about it. I just know that what I’ve seen is not entertaining. I think Charlie Sheen’s character is a slimeball, and that the show just allowed him to be his actual slimeball self. If Michael C. Hall were actually a serial killer, there’d be some uproar about Dexter. Also, you have to keep in mind that Dexter is based on a series of novels.

I have no problem with Chuck Lorre. I’ve enjoyed some of his shows; others I’ve found to be insipid and unentertaining.

Two and a Half Men is hardly the first sitcom to be controversial. What about Ellen Degeneres’ coming out? Seinfeld’s “contest”? Maude’s abortion?

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I seriously dislike 2.5, but I have people in my family who LOVE it.

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I can’t stand either 2.5 men or BBT. They aren’t for me but I don’t understand getting all hot and bothered about attacking or defending a television show, FFS.

I have enjoyed other Chuck Lorre creations. I love Dharma & Greg and I’m not ashamed to admit it even though it took it’s share of ridicule during its run, and I enjoyed aspects of Cybill and Grace Under Fire. Lorre does his job creating popular entertainment. It seems like he often ends up with polarizing divas as stars (Cybill Shepherd, Brett Butler, Charlie Sheen) and it’s the stars’ behaviors that generate the strong emotional responses to some of his shows.

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