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Planking.....Have you done it?

Asked by blueiiznh (16683points) May 17th, 2011

I am hearing all kinds of things about the Planking(fad) now that there has been a death related to it.

Do any Jellies have experience with it?

Tell us about it?

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Sounds like a pretty stupid practice to me. I’ve never even heard of it before, and I don’t plan to get personal experience. :-)

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I hadn’t heard about it until now. Definitely not something I plan to try out.

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Every night…

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It’s quite difficult, but interesting one!

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I had never heard of this before. How utterly silly. Surely one for the Darwin Awards.

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I tried this once underwater. Didn’t work out so well.

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No, I’ve not tried it. Such a pity about that guy.

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Can someone… I missing something? What is the point?

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@deni The point is… oh, wow. There is none!

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I believe the premise started in a movie a few years ago. There had been several deaths associated with it back then because the goal was to lay across the yellow line dividers on roads. I assumed the fad was over due to natural selection taking it’s course but I see they just took it to random locations. Sad, really.

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Never heard of it.

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“Extreme lying down”??

What think tank came up with this one? Way to go, Sparky!

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But have you heard of Plunkthering?
Fluthering while laying flat on your back on a bed of Jellies.

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*cough * retarded *cough *

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Nah, but then I have a life see!

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I’ve done it. It’s a fun time, I’m not going to lie. There’s not much to it other than lying down straight on top of stuff.

Yes, it’s silly. But that’s the thing. You go out with friends and you do silly stuff like planking on top of a mailbox (which does take some skill). It’s innocent fun. Would everyone prefer people go out and get drunk instead? Planking isn’t dangerous unless you make it so.

Death by planking is only through stupidity.

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I’m such a planker, you wouldn’t believe it. I’ve planked on the ball of the great pendulum in the Franklin museum. I’ve planked on the top of a scaffold next to a church dome where restorers were doing their thing. People actually walked over me on that one. Like I was a real plank.

I planked on a tree in the park while flying a kite during a thunderstorm. That one really burnt my ass! Never do that again.

This one was pretty cool. Planking the tread of that baby! As it was moving! Smooth as a baby’s ass, that one.

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@worriedguy Now I’m worried for you.
@blueiiznh No, I’d never heard of it until now… sad about that guy though.

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This is the first I’ve heard of it and I have to say it just seems really pointless and stupid to me. I feel sorry for the loss of a life in such a ridiculous and pointless manner, but frankly, I am totally pro-natural selection, so.. yeah.

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guys, I think @erichw1504 is planking on his laptop…. he’s been “crafting” a response for ages…

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Or he was killed while planking.

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@erichw1504 Yes, of course. That’s totally posiible too.

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Interesting activity (sort of) if not taken to dangerous extremes.

This guy was obviously not very smart. I feel bad for his family.

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I’ve never heard of it before, but it seems like one of those things you’d just get board of after a while.

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<moans with pleasure>


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Damn, I always end up in the wrong meeting rooms… * walks away*

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I want to plank the * out of you.

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That’s how I do.

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When I first read this question, my mind went straight to spanking people with planks.

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@MissAnthrope that would be a horrible/wonderful death

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I thought of pirates but I like @MissAnthrope‘s idea better.

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