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Vision: Do you see grainy images especially when you look into dark or is my vision faulty?

Asked by krrazypassions (1337points) May 17th, 2011

When I look into dark area like night sky or outdoors at night or a dark room, the image appears grainy (somewhat similar to grainy images of digital cameras,
example 1-less grainy
2-more grainy
3-most grainy
3 is much more grainier and 1 is slightly less grainier than what i am talking about

But its not there only in dark spaces- generally if i am looking at low detailed places with homogeneous colors, then the grainy effect is pronounced. With increasing brightness and more detail, the graininess of the images becomes less and less perceivable.

So, please look into dimly-lit/dark spaces around you and tell me if what you see appears ‘grainy’, and if so, whether that effect persists when you look in bright spaces with low detail

Do you know what I am talking about??

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Have you had your vision and eyes checked by an ophthomalogist recently? You may have both myopia and astigmatism, easily corrected by glasses.

Any concerns about your eyesight should take you immediately to the eye doctor.

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I have a very low myopia on my right eye (my lens power is 0.5) so its not much of a problem.
No astigmatism.
My left eye, however, is amblyopic (congenital lazy eye). But, while my vision with left eye is kinda blurry, my effective total vision is same as that of my right eye.

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This is also called “visual snow”. It’s like a television static pattern overlaid on the visual scene. In mild cases, like yours, it’s mostly noticeable when looking at uniform dark fields. Here’s an article.

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As the eyes age, you need more light. I notice that on the computer screen. Instead of enlarging the font, I often just increase the brightness.

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@gailcalled i am in my early 20s :( and i am quite healthy :|
@thorninmud thanks for that lead, i will go through the details carefully before drawing conclusions

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@thorninmud I think i have also experienced Floaters mentioned in Entoptic phenomenon I can see tiny dots/globules only if i pay attention to them.
However, i’m still not sure whether i am experiencing visual snow- even though many of the symptoms listing do match with mine.. but thanks again for this lead… its quite useful!

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@gailcalled “As the eyes age, you need more light. I notice that on the computer screen. Instead of enlarging the font, I often just increase the brightness.” Yes, its quite true. I can confirm it from the experience of elders around me. They often needed more light than me while reading.

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Virtually everyone experiences floaters at one time or another. There’s also the blue field phenomenon, which is just a function of the normal eye as well. But the “snow” thing is not common to everyone. Did you find the pictures and the simulator linked in the site I referenced?

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Yes, i did go through the pictures. I have to say, that while the textual description of “grainy image” and ” resemblance to ‘noise in the system’ ” matched with my symptoms, i could not relate to the depiction of visual snow and afterimages in the given pictures. However, in the simulation, when the snow density is 6 and flicker rate is 0, it somewhat resembles my vision in dark areas or plain detail-less areas.
So as you said “in mild cases, like yours, it’s mostly noticeable when looking at uniform dark fields.” agrees with my experience.

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Like everyone else who is answering this question, the concerns you have are best addressed by an optometrist. It just may be that you need to wear glasses. I have worn glasses for over 20 years, and I am dreadfully myopic, and have an astigmatism in my left eye as well. As I have been againg, my eyes have been getting worse. I am now wearing progressive bifocals, and I am only 43.

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