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A distant friend on Facebook recommends someone you don't know. Do you add them as a friend?

Asked by MilkyWay (13705points) May 17th, 2011

I want to know what you would do in this situation. You don’t know this person but he/she has been recommended. Do you add them as a friend, or ignore their friend request?

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I don’t add them.

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Who does this?

No, I wouldn’t.

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Depends. What’s the picture look like?

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are they cute?

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I wouldn’t add them if you don’t want them.

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Stranger! D: Hah. Don’t add them.

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To me, this is like a stranger that knocks on your front door and you invite them inside, without knowing anything about them.

Does the name “serial killer” ring a bell?

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I wouldn’t add them.

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Thanks guys :)
I’m new to this stuff, so bear with me
@ninjacolin I know this guy on fb…he’s cute. Oh, and his name is colin ;) But that’s not who I’m talkin bout mind

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Whether on Facebook or in real life, I take the word “friend” literally. If they’re not my friend, they’re not my friend.

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I do not add people I don’t know.

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The way I use FB, it’s just a place to manage my in person contacts virtually. That’s the best, cleanest use for it I think. It’s not a popularity contest. You can always add someone and remove them later if they don’t seem like someone you want to interact with eventually in person.

Just think, if you add this person it means you might get an invite to their bday party or you could invite them to your bday party. Or if you have business meetings of some sort or if you’re interested in their business/art going-ons.. It gives you a way to stay in touch and stay somewhat involved in eachother’s lives. Comment on their experiences, offer suggestions, things like that. If you have no room for someone in ways like this, if you really feel they have no business in your life, then drop em or don’t add them in the first place.

Some are acquaintences, some are real friends, some are family. Just add whoever and remove whoever seems harmful. The rest can just stick around silently hoping for a day when your lives cross paths.

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I would check-out there picture, if this is a friend you lost contact with as from high school or college then you might want to add as a friend. If you do not know that person then I would not accepted them as a friend. Thank you, RTT

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I wouldn’t dream of adding someone that I wouldn’t open my door to and invite into my house. The only reason I can think of for adding people you don’t know personally is if you’re desperate to increase your “friend” count.

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Nope. No ad.

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Nope. Furthermore, why are my friends recommending people I don’t know?

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@Seelix they’re not very close friends…

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No. They do not fit my definition of a friend. Delete and move on.

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You should only add friends that you know well (in real life) otherwise you are just asking for trouble. Don’t “collect” friends just for the sake of adding more.

I only have my relatives on Facebook. People that are my real friends (that I actually know) I either talk to them on the phone, write a real letter, or e-mail them. I view Facebook as kind of a necessary evil. It’s the only way I can get any info or photos from my younger relatives.

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No. Facebook is about communicating with friends and family. Not strangers.

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Definitely not. I don’t even add most people I DO know.

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I do not add people unless I know who they are.

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If you are desperate to have a high “friend” count, go ahead. If you want the people there to actually be your friends, meet him first and if you like him, then add him.

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I have added friends of friends occasionally because there is a purpose to the meeting. An artist friend of mine introduced me to an art historian who was working on a book and was looking for more information on the period I was active in the art scene, people I knew etc etc so I added her, shared info with her and introduced her to some other relevant people. And a few similar instances.

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I don’t. Many of them just use you for FarmVille, which I don’t do. Also, if you ever get hacked, you have to name friends by their profile picture for verification and you can’t do that if you don’t know them.

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No. I never send friend requests unless we’ve previously agreed to friend each other. Otherwise, I wait for people to send me friend requests first, and I’ll accept the request if we know each other. We don’t have to be best buds or anything, but I have to at least know who the person is to accept their request.

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No. I’d find it really strange if a friend did that.

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I don’t add them. Sometimes it’s a goof too, the box by the person’s pic got accidentally picked or maybe the person suggesting friends for you didn’t realize you don’t know that person. I’ve mixed up my peops before but nothing tragic ever resulted.

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If I’ve seen and appreciated their comments on our mutual friend’s posts, I will add them. I’ve actually made a couple of really great friends through that kind of facebook blind date.

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Nope, don’t friend them unless your friend gives you a really great reason why you should get to know the person. Then do it only after you’ve met the person in some other way.

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No. My distant relatives do this crap all the time. I have no clue who these people are, but apparently I’m related to them. I don’t need random people on there..heck I did approve some and now I want to get rid of them because they’re weird.

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It all depends on the picture and also ask your friend how they know this person and any other info about the person they recommended. If your friend doesn’t know much… probably not worth adding unless your own judgement says its okay

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No. I only add people I have had personal correspondence with.

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friend of a friend is your friend. But when they start acting weird you quickly unfriend them. How many people on fluther do you know personally? And yet they’ve given you all these great responses!

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Totally your option. I don’t add them.

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