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How to get a deceased person's name off car title if you've moved to a different state?

Asked by AshlynM (9270points) May 17th, 2011

I can’t remember if I asked this before but…

I have moved to State B and no longer live in State A.

I went to the DMV in state b to get my deceased husband’s name off the car title and have mine put on and to get a new car title. However…they refused to do so because they said I needed to go back to state A and do it there. This answer was kind of odd to me. Why would I go back when I no longer live there?

Yes, I showed them the death certficate but they still said no.

Isn’t there any way to take care of this without having to go back to my old state?

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Car titles are handled at the state level. The you have to have any changes made to a car title by the DVM of the state that issued it. Call the state DMV where the title was issued and ask them if you can do it by mail. People move around a lot so it’s probably something you can do by mail but the title still has to be processed by that state no the one you live in now. That’s just the way things work.

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You did ask this question before. I hope this helps and the correct answer was given. Good luck.

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How old is the car? It depends on your state, but I once got someone’s name off of my car title (in Michigan) because once the car was worth under a certain amount and was a certain age, and the other guy on the title hadn’t made any claim on it, they could remove him. (This was with his AND my name both on it, originally.) Good luck.

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Depending on the state, you need a death certificate and a release from probate court. You have to prove that you are entitled to ownership of the vehicle, and that there are no outstanding liens against it.

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You will have to go back to State A for this reason:

Here is an example….the police have a certain jurisdiction that they cover. Like a county and not the whole state.State B does not the authority to honor your request, because it is out of their jurisdiction.

Go back to State A and take care of your business, then go back to State B with a smile on your face. You are legal!!!!

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