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What do you do if your friend is a know-it-all?

Asked by pshizzle (1100points) May 17th, 2011

She never takes my opinions in and throws them off. It’s really annoying.

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Sing loudly every time she speaks. ;)

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Don’t hang out with her anymore.

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If she’s annoying, either tell her to shut her mouth and teach her a lesson, deal with it, or just quit being friends with her. You’re 14, there are A LOT more friends in your future. Don’t waste your time on people that act dumb.

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Often, those who come across as “know it alls” do so as a reflection of great insecurity. If you can take her actions as a need for your friendship (and try to ignore how this really makes you feel), you’ll fare better. As a 14 year-old, you might not have the patience of someone who’s tolerated these types for decades, and it might be best to find a friend who doesn’t know so much ;-) Having your opinions validated and respected is important for your growth.

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Stop giving her your opinions. If you don’t value the friendship, then step away from it. If you value the friendship, consider what the friendship means to you and decide what’s more important. If you know she’s going to disregard what you think she should do in certain situations, just don’t offer her any suggestions.

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Why do you continue to hang out with such an annoying person?

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Who does she like more than anyone else you both know?
Who is she most afraid of or jealous out of anyone you both know?
What does she most want out of the things she possibly have right now?
What about you do you think she most likes or is even a bit jealous of?

Depending on how diabolical your capacity, you could have a lot of fun discovering these things.~

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I do two things – one, I confront them about it, saying it really bugs me how they never respect my opinions, and I really wish they would stop. If they don’t, I then stop hanging out with them.

But are we talking about like insisting that you can’t have another way to do it, or like not listening to you when you’re being a backseat driver?

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Your opinions about what?

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I wouldn’t be friends with a person like that. Simple.

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@Seelix Um… just thinking out loud… but if you defriend all those teens who act like they know everything, wouldn’t you be awfully lonely?

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@6rant6 So you should be friends with people you don’t like, care for, or respect simply to stage off loneliness?

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@6rant6 – Would I be lonely? No, I don’t hang out with know-it-all teens.

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Poke fun at them. Not in any cruel way, but make outlandish and ridiculous statements, completely deadpan, and just persist with such inanity whenever it bothers you. I like to trash on science and logic to bother one of my friends whenever he goes on a tangent, it bugs him, and eventually, we all shut up and change to a better subject.

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From an immature perspective: Try your best to one day just completely outsmart them. Correct them on something either simple or complex and make a big deal out of it. It was get her really offguard and be annoying. That’d be funny, wouldn’t it? Really though, no; forget about her.

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Tell her that it really bothers (or hurts, or irks or disturbs or irritates) you that she doesn’t take anything that you say seriously, whether it be your opinion, your ideas, your desires or whatever else it may be. Then give her a few concrete examples of when she had done that (because she is likely to deny that she has ever done that). Then ask her if she really values your friendship and what she is prepared to do to fix this situation.

At that point, she may tell you to buzz off or go to he*l. In that case, you need to drop her as a friend, because she isn’t one. If, on the other hand she starts crying and tells you that she didn’t realize that she was doing this, reassure her that you were not intending to hurt her feelings or to criticize her, just tell her that you’ve been hurt by some of her comments and lack of support and then ask her what she thinks you guys should do to rectify this situation.

Sounds like she’s probably a drama queen who needs to have lots and lots of attention and she probably doesn’t care (or know how) to have a real, give and take symbiotic realtionship with another person. In that case, she really isn’t your friend and you’d be better off without her.

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