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Any guys out there ever got nervous around a girl you hated?

Asked by babu (13points) May 17th, 2011

if you did, what did you say to her?

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If you hate her why are you around her and talking to her?

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I only get nervous around women I’m attracted to. If I hate someone (I don’t hate anyone, I just really dislike some people to an extent), I ignore them and don’t think about them much.

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@Blackberry : I that’s what i say. My friend claims he hate this chic. But when i see him chatting to her, he’s all nervous and ****.

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@babu That means he likes her and is afraid to admit it for some reason.

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I don’t get nervous around women I don’t like. In fact I walk away until they’re gone.

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@babu – this girl isn’t considered pretty by the other guys, is she?

That’s usually what it is: a guy likes a woman, but because he’s afraid his friends won’t find her attractive (or he knows already that they think she’s ugly), he claims to dislike her to save face.

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Hate is a strong. word and should be only reserved for people you actually hate(which I hope are few). If a person really hates someone then they should avoid the person completely. I get nervous around girls that hate me.

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@aprilsimnel : nah… she’s pretty cute.

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@babu- Huh. Then you got me. I’ve never had a guy who disliked me being nervous around me. They make it pretty clear that they don’t like me, usually by getting away from me as quickly as possible and not talking to me if they can help it.

What did he say when you asked him why he talks to her if he hates her so much? Is it a work thing where they have to talk?

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Your friend really likes the girl.

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@aprilsimnel ; yeah…its one of those friend of a friend thing. we all hang out a the same places. I asked him if he likes her. All he does is crap about her (saying she’s not his type).

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He likes her. And for whatever reason, he’s embarrassed about it. That’s too bad.

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Hate is such a strong emotion; it’s very close to love.

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He digs her, yeah, but he’s possibly in denial. Sometimes guys fall for girls who aren’t their type and deny it. Women do that, too. After all, “typing” is oversimplifying a person, there’s always more to a woman, same goes for men, than their “type” suggests.

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Or maybe the girl has come on really strong to your friend, and he is simply not interested in her at all, but has no idea how to get her to stop acting interested in your friend.

Or maybe your friend is gay, and he feels nervous around all girls. Some of the most macho guys, turn out to be gay and even their friends don’t realize it. Sometimes even their wives and girlfriends don’t realize it, until it’s too late.

Or maybe this girl doesn’t fit the stereotype for a “good” or “acceptable” girl amongst his peers, even though he is actually attracted to her. Is she too fat, too thin, too (different) ethnic, too white, too exotic, too artistic, too liberal, too religious, too involved with other guys (or girls) too talkative, too shy, too smart, too ignorant (appearing)? Does she wear weird clothes? Have too many tatoos? Have too many piercings? Wear too much makeup, or not enough? Does she not shave her legs or her pits? Has she dated one of his friends (or one of his enemies)? Does she eat with her mouth open? Is she a vegetarian (in a beef eating community)? Does she speak her mind? Does she keep quiet when she should voice and opinion?

Just curious as to what it is about this particular girl that he says he hates. Has he told you?

Or maybe your friend actually has feelings for this girl, but has zero experience with girls in general and therefore he feels nervous and may say that he hates her, because he can’t imagine ever having a real conversation with her.

Or he’s already had some kind of intimate relationship with this girl (that went horribly wrong) and now he’s embarrassed and disgusted and is trying to say that he hates the girl so it looks like she is the bad person in this situation. In this situation, of course he would be nervous, because he wouldn’t want anyone to find out what really happened.

What do you think his true feelings are for this girl? Tha’ts the only way to figure out what is really going on.

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