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What should I do about my paranoid friend?

Asked by pshizzle (1100points) May 17th, 2011

My friend is extremely paranoid about various things. She thought some cars were following her. She also thinks people are talking about her. She also thinks when you touch her you’re a killer. She also acts like everyone’s a killer if they talk about death.

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Stop hanging out with this person so you can stop asking these questions :P

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Sounds like a very sick individual. I wouldn’t touch her. I would get away from her.

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@Blackberry If I didn’t, you would be bored. Also, I have more than one friend.
@skfinkel She is a good friend and has a good heart though.

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Why don’t you just stick by her and try to help her out?

Geez, I think you made a new record. 3 questions in less than 5 minutes. Damn!

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Jeez stop asking questions about me!!! If you’re going to then at least get it right! Don’t twist my words around to look cool in front of everyone!

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@rock4ever How do you know it’s about you? I have more than one friend, as stated earlier.

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Is this the same friend who was threatened?

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Pull the cars over and introduce her to the drivers.It USUALLY works.

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I’m not as sick as he makes me seem.

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Sounds like she’s genuinely afraid for some reason and needs some help getting over those issues. Since she’s actually been threatened before, it’ll be hard for you to do anything about it. She needs to talk to a professional about her feelings and how to handle them.

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@pshizzle well if s/he is being threatened to the point that you are concerned about the way the powers that be at school handled the situation, maybe it isn’t paranoia.

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Advise your friend to get some counseling.

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I’ve been paranoid my whole life. It’s who I am. Thanks for trying to help Pshizzle, but it’s my personallity born by the fact that this whole world is full of hateful, terrible, mean people. Also the death threat had no real lasting effect on me because I get them somewhat frequently.

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Thanks for trying to help but there is nothing really to help.

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So your friend is paranoid, never listens to your opinion and talks incessantly about her dreams.

I have two suggestions for you:
1. Stop hanging out with her.
2. Stop passively-aggressively discussing her problems on a public forum where you know she’s a member, and talk to her about it.

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I wouldn’t make a big deal about it. She sounds like a lot of my victims friends.

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She sounds like she has some serious mental health issues. If you consider yourself to be a good friend, you should suggest that she get some counseling and help her to figure out how to do that? Does she have a family that is aware of this situation? Does she have health insurance? If she doesn’t have health insurance, then you and her family and other friends that are willing to help are going to have to do some leg work and research to find out what options are available to her.

If she isn’t willing to listen to you about getting some assistance, then you really need to make sure that her family is willing to take care of her. Beyond that, there isn’t much you can do. If you think she is a danger to herself or others, you might want to contact a mental health facility in your area and get some advice.

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@pshizzle If this is a friend on the site, I don’t know if it is appropriate for us to be having a question asked about her where she can see the conversation. She is being talked about, and that is real, not paranoid!

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