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An almost catastrophic ride home, can it be stopped halfway?

Asked by rebbel (31323points) May 17th, 2011

I thought I had asked this before but I don’t see it in my list, probably I wrote about it in an answer.

Every now and then when I ride my bicycle back home or to my job, I have a trip which consists of near crashes with other traffic or curb stones and such.
It starts with one near miss and then following are more of those misses.
It made me think: do the next near misses are a result of my decreased feeling of security because of the first one, or is it really a matter of fate?
And, what if I stop midway for a minute, would the trip continue without new near misses, or….?
Do you recognize this? Have it also happening to you some times?

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If you yourself do not feel secure in your own ability to get out of harms way on your bike I would stop doing what you are doing right now. I see so many people shaving, putting on makeup, giving bikini waxes and texting while driving and it is only a matter of time before you are pulling spokes out of your ass.

I pass a gung ho bike rider every morning who is decked out in yellow reflective, flashing lights the whole works and at least 80% of the cars and trucks do not appreciate that he has the balls to ride in the middle of the right lane and slow down traffic that is used to doing 50 mphs. Who the hell is fully awake at 6:30 am and that IMO is just nuts and he is just asking for it.

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Yes, I have experienced this. I think it’s because of what you mentioned ; feeling off balance and not sure of yourself after the first bump/near miss.
Your brain starts worrying subconciously about that happening again which affects your concious mind keeping an eye on what’s ahead.

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Pulling over and resting for even 1 minute could have the positive effect you’re looking for. Good luck and ride safely.

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It is only the human tendency toward pattern recognition that makes you think these separate, coincidental events are related.

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You been watching way too many “Final Destination” movies…I think the first near miss shakes you up enough that you are nervous, and more near misses occur due to this chink in your self-confidence.

This happens to me when I’m playing the organ sometimes in church. If my prelude goes badly, than I’m often shaky on the first hymn, etc. I literally have to silently give myself a pep talk to get back on track…

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Yes it can be stopped. Anticipate more. Bike defensively. Focus. ( and please do take care )

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What you are describing is your fate or destiny. If you had this knowledge upfront, you would surely take another route. Right?

This is like going down the road and can’t decide if you should take the left fork or the right fork.

All of it does not matter. Sooner or later you will making the right decisions and that is what life is all about.

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I do know this feeling. If I drop something, I’m bound to drop a few more things, trip over my own feet, and run into the corner of my desk in short order. It does seem like I get stuck in a clumsy loop and need to reset myself. Kind of shake it off. I think stopping for a minute couldn’t hurt. Be careful!

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I am going now…..., to my job, and with all your caring words i am sure i will arrive in one piece.
Thank you all!

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Puts me in mind of the Belgian rider killed in the Giro d’Italia last week. Even the pro’s are sometimes vulnerable to fates fickle finger. I’ve only once had an incident of note while riding my bike. This moronic bus driver caught my elbow as I was speeding down a hill. Fortunately I have the reflexes of a startled cat, so I was able to recover my balance without further alarm.

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A “near miss” means nothing was missed, doesn’t it? It was nearly a miss but turned out to be not one but nearly?

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