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Any thoughts about Conde Nast becoming the main tenant at 1 World Trade Center?

Asked by wundayatta (58638points) May 17th, 2011

Conde Nast just signed up to rent one million square feet of office space in the new building to be erected where the old ones were burned down. What do you think? Will the new building be a target for terrorists? Is Conde Nast making a mistake? Or will they revitalize that area of town? Would you take a job with them?

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I will defer to those who live in NY as to what their wishes are. Although as a nation we all lived through 9/11, I feel New Yorkers should have the ultimate say in this issue.

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@wundayatta I have a friend who works for them. I would love to work for Conde Nast. Why not? I’m glad the Port Authority is moving along on renting space even if it meant making big deals like this one.

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I never heard about the company until I saw the question. I think it is an excellent idea for them to be in the new trade center. They publish magazines that glamorize everything that the religious fundamentalists tried to destroy. I couldn’t think of a better fit and answer for those zealots.

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To answer your second question, the new building will be a target regardless of who rents space there. As long as Conde Nast has the money to back their tennancy, more power to them.

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self edit, just saw this is in General.

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Sounds good to me. Were they located in one of the Trade Towers previously? I think a lot of the delay in rebuilding the towers had to do with the reality that the economy had slowed, office space was not in a lot of demand, and having the buildings sit empty did not make economic sense for the owners. I had not read this anywhere, just theorizing. The timing of 9/11, the real estate bust, and the banking crisis, was like a perfect storm it seems to me.

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No, they were never at the world trade towers. They are moving from a new tower in midtown on 42nd street. They helped in the midtown revitalization. They moved in to that building in 1999, and the WTT are going to pay the last four years of their rent or something.

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They can spend all that cash for rent but can’t afford to give Reddit some servers that don’t crash and burn because of it’s overwhelming popularity?

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I’m glad they’re coming downtown. We need somebody in those new buildings. When the original WTC twin towers were built the state took occupancy of a big chunk just to fill the space. The last couple decades they were a glamorous address though.
Compared to midtown, a lot of employees commuting from the ‘burbs consider way downtown the boonies as they have to take an additional subway to get to work from Grand Central or Penn Station. By the time the Freedom Tower is completed there will be the new transit hub on Fulton street that should help out some workers.

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