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What, or how do you feel now that Donald Trump is officially not running for presidency?

Asked by Pandora (30998points) May 17th, 2011

Needless to say, I was quite relieved to hear he wasn’t running. I felt for the republican party to support him would mean we are officially scrapping the bottom of a bowl. In the news they said 70% of people polled said they would not vote for him. I’m glad to hear that but sad that 30% would’ve considered it.
So back to my question. Are you relieved or do you think the list of prospective candidates aren’t going to get any better for 2012.
Was Trump the best we could scrape up?

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I feel a bit relieved.

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A little relieved. The guy is a dick.

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I’m a bit miffed. I was so looking forward to the sideshows in his 3-ring circus.

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he had his own comedy show on comedy central for god’s sake!!

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He didn’t have a chance. Why waste money, his or the taxpayers, on running for something that would never happen.

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‘Was Trump the best we could scrape up?’
Who is the we you speak of???
He should have stayed in the race, just to make a bigger idiot of himself.

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@FutureMemory Could you have imagined 4 years of having a weekly or daily news announcement to hear him speak about how great he is?
@hawaii_jake Can’t blame you but I would rather pay my money to see the monkeys then have the monkey go on Tv every 5 seconds to scratch his butt. At a certain point it stops being amusing.

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@AmWiser I mean we as a nation. Goodness knows I would never consider him the best of anything except for the best clown, but it seems like the pickings aren’t coming along as they once use too. I wonder if the thought of trying to get us out of debt is more than any future candidate wants to take on because they feel it would simply be a one term and they will be in the hot seat like Obama is for our bad economy.

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Nothing, I never considered Trump’s candidacy as anything more than a ploy to boost ratings for his show. I think the only people taking him seriously were the media sources that were pushing his ‘run for the presidency’.

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@Pandora thanks for clearing that up.:-)

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Indifferent since I had no intention of voting for him no matter what.

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I was sure he’d never get elected anyway, so I’m not feeling relieved exactly. Maybe a little more able to hold my head up as an American, though. ;)

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I am actually a little bit bummed. There is no way he could have won and he would have made things interesting at least for a while. I am now waiting with baited breath to see what else the GOP sideshow has to offer.

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If you thought he was really going to run, you should be ashamed of yourself lol.
I’m just kidding, but even if he did run, it’s hard to even entertain the notion of him being elected. The guy is clown.

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I agree 100 percent with @WestRiverrat.

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@augustlan GA, Ah, thats what I’m feeling. A renewed sense of pride. I couldn’t help feel as a citizen that by having Donald Trump as a future candidate that I should never make eye contact with people again.

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I’m with @WestRiverrat. I never thought he was serious about running to begin with, so I’m not surprised that he’s not.

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I always assumed the possibility was a joke. I mean WTF would he do to address the budget deficit? Declare bankruptcy, restructure and turn the Oval Office into a casino?

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@Blueroses I’m sure he considered it and then found out it wouldn’t be allowed. So he said forget then. “Nobody tells the Donald what to do.”
Oh, I laughed when I heard on the new papers head lines was, “The Donald DUCKS!” Wish I knew which paper it was. I thought that was amusing. :)

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@Blueroses, that sounds like a brilliant plan! Now you got me wishing he would have run!

sliceswiththings's avatar

Aw I was looking forward to the hilarity that his campaign was going to be! Too bad.

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Yay, more votes for Ron Paul. I know a lot of people were looking forward to the “show”.

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@SuperMouse Oh, I know! I so wanted to see how gaudy and ostentatious the redecoration of the White House would be! It would make the movie Idiocracy look prophetic

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Leaves the field wide open for Sarah. Wonder who she’ll pick as a running mate…

“Oh, shit,” you think. Now you’ll want him back in the so-called ‘race’.

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If only Arnold could run.

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A bit relieved, but mainly not at all surprised. I pretty much figured his whole political hullaballoo was merely to gain some publicity. Glad to know he’s not truly delusional.

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“I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election.”


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His daughter said she’d vote for him.

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One less jack ass making a mockery out of a process fully deserving of said mockery.

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Hip Hip Hooray?
I’d like to see Ron Raul vs Obama, it would be a hoot.

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I had my doubts he was actually going to run anyway.

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Not surprise and relieved. Just glad that I don’t have to hear his big fat mouth flapping any more or any longer than I have to.

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I don’t think he was ever really in the running for President. I thought it was a publicity stunt mostly.

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We didn’t scrape him up. He demanded (or bought) the opportunity to see how people felt about it. Although he insists he made the decision for is own personal reasons, I think he heard
the less than enthusiastic response he got. I that if he had run and been elected, the U.S. would have been the laughing stock of the nations.

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Oh, that is bad news. I was so looking forward to seeing how his fucking hair would do as running mate. TRUMP/MONKEYARSE what a ticket!

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As an amused outsider, I was looking forward to the clash of the titans between Palin and Trump.

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Not surprised because I knew he wouldn’t run. Too much show business in that guy. he would be hard to take seriously. Even if he is able to do a good job. People know Donald Trump for being Donald Trump.

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…He was ever running for president..?

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