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What is the next catastrophe you see happening?

Asked by vinnylo (64points) May 17th, 2011

if your a clairvoyant or just someone who knows what they are talking about, what doom is next?

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The Rapture is happening on May 21, or haven’t you heard?

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really? shall i google it…. OK!

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Just think happy thoughts……. Lets not dwell on the bad that is coming our way and enjoy the good time we are having right now!!

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“Charlie Sheen’s Torpedo of Truth”

No, I wouldn’t see it on a bet, but it’s gotta be a slow-motion catastrophe.

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@Rarebear I’m looting tons of stuff after that.

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Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber will release a double album of duets.

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@cockswain You too, huh?
By the way, saw that movie you recommended. Very funny and hit really close to home!

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A third Bush will run for President

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Secret footage of the pope giving “Dave” the donkey a blow job in the papal stable.
Catholics across the globe will be up in arms at this shocking revelation.
I smell a lynch mob, if his holiness is hanged will the headline read…...pope on a rope?

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OK no prophecy, space alien BS from me but here is a fact which has a plausible chance of catastrophe.
A comet only discovered in the past several months named Comet Elenin.(80,000 km wide) is hurling towards our solar system and due to make its closest pass of us at the end of October this year.. NASA has no way of determining its exact path but check out This java applet from NASA and see how close it is projected to come.
More links 1 2

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My guess is a massive quake in Turkey.

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There are about six of them happening right now.

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Apparently ‘my’ comet is creating most of these quakes and floods if you check the links. :)

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Massive solar flares are gonna toast out our electronics for a spell and then will be a dirty bomb to really mess things up for a while. Can’t say I didn’t warn ya!

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@lillycoyote I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.

I hope for predict a zombie invasion.

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