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How can one prove their skin and surrounding tissue is hardening?

Asked by Flutherit (52points) May 17th, 2011

Trust me, I feel like I am walking with a large rocks as feet. Or in other words, rock hard feet. It is slowly getting worse.

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“place thee lotion on thee skin”

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those are calluses on your feet, I have taken Eucrin Creme and put it on very heavily and then slept with socks on it will soften your skin on your feet. See the link for addional info.

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No, the question is how do I prove something extremely bizarre and extremely painful has happened to my feet. No lotion or other medicine will comfort it. Severe pain.

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Talk to a doctor. The condition isn’t unknown, and it is acknowledged to be painful and serious. See a doctor.

It sounds like scleroderma (from

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Then call a podiatrist they are the doctors for feet and can help you, if it has to do with the foot they are the people to see

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Is the skin on your feet actually hard, or does it just seem that way due to the pain? If it’s the former, I’d be concerned about scleroderma, as @WasCy says. If it’s just the way the pain feels, it could be neuropathy. Either way, a doctor’s appointment is the way to go.

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@augustlan Yes, it is hard and feels rock hard.

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To the doctor, then. Keep us posted!

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