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What, if anything should I take on a 3 hour road trip with a 3 month old?

Asked by tia29 (189points) April 24th, 2008 from iPhone

Ok folks here’s my problem, my husband, know it all mom and I are going to visit my sister who lives 3 hours away. We are taking my beautiful 3 month old daughter who hates her child seat and has never been in it longer then 20 minutes. I know the basics to pack but I need tips on anything that can make this trip less painful.

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kids music, maybe like baby Einstein or something?

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you will need video stimulation for this trip. It sounds like you have a girl who hates to leave home. I would get a small DVD player and start playing Baby Einstein DVDs while still at home. Then when you are on the road she will be more comfortable hearing and seeing them move. Even at 3 months they respond well to video. GOOD LUCK AND DRIVE FAST/CAREFUL!

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As a father of an 18 month boy, I would suggest the following. First and foremost, try to plan your driving around the baby’s sleeping patterns. So, if she normally sleeps for an hour between 10–11 AM, leave home around 9 AM (I’m assuming you don’t have to be there at an exact time). Around the time that she is starting to get irritated with the seat, she’ll fall asleep. I know my son didn’t like his car seat, but he loved to sleep in there when he got all cozy. Second, with a 3 month old, you’ll likely need to stop at least once for feeding and diaper changes, which would be a good opportunity for her to get out of the car for a few minutes. Don’t try to bust out the whole trip in 3 hours, it just won’t work. Finally, we always brought along my son’s favorite “toys” (although at 3 months, I use the word “favorite” loosely). Just bring a few distractions and rotate their use (i.e. toy, bear, ball, toy, bear, ball). Good luck.

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Thanks for the advice and believe me she runs the show right now.

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I wouldn’t!!!

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animal crackers of course

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