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How offten do you second guess your love?

Asked by KilikaMagick (14points) May 18th, 2011

Well… I only second guess it since I’m very protective and I don’t want anyone to steal my man away from me. I love him so much, but, I can’t really say since he’s usually alone and all he has is usually me and our best friend Alexa…But I don’t really second guess my love for him. I know he sort of does since he’s told me and he’s still sort of surprised (even though we’ve been going out for a about 4 months now) But do you second guess your love at all?

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No, not after 28 years and lots of stuff we’ve gone through together.

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No. If you’re second-guessing it, it’s probably not love.

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sounds like you are madly in lust

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My divorce caught me by surprise and left me wondering. I think everyone has had to rethink the love they once had for someone after the fact.

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Is it real? Will it last? Can I count on it? Can I count on myself? How soon will I lose her? How is it that she even can stand me?

Pretty much all the time. Just the way I am. I’m probably reassurable-proof. I have enough doubts to fill one of the giant dump trucks you see in copper mines.

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I’ve never second guessed my love for him but I have second guessed his love for me in the early days. Nowadays I have no reason to second guess either.

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Nope, not at all….

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Nope. Can’t say that I do. Whenever I love something or someone, it just is. There’s never a question or second guessing about it.

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I haven’t had to second guess my love for others.
I have had good reason to second guess their love for me.
Presently I don’t have any provocation to do it at all which is very very nice.

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I guess the only reason I did was since…It was so hard for me to believe that I had someone like him…And along with my trust issues…but now….I’ll never second guess it again. Thanks everyone.

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Use to not anymore. She means everything to me.

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I don’t second guess it at all and that’s after 18 years and we’ve had tons of tough crap we’ve had to deal with.

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I can never second guess for him and I think no one can do so!

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After 46 of marriage….........never.

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