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What was your most memorable moment in life?

Asked by Mattleonard (44points) May 18th, 2011

Please tell about only one best moment in your life.

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Birth of my first child & then in time my second, naturally.

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Birth of my first son…hands down a most incredible moment.

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The birth of my first child. It still makes me tear up with joy.

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The future birth of my first child.

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My reconciliation with God.

[ seems this question flows in a lot of minds ^^ ]

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@rebbel what WAS not WILL BE. ^^

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The day I bitch-slapped baby Vunessuh and left her at the train station with a hobo. XD

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The day I found @lucillelucillelucille and took turns bitch-slapping her with my hobo for leaving me at the train station.

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Getting married.

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Having her tell me that she loves me, and just wants me to be happy (she didn’t care that I was gay).

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I stood up from where I was sitting just before a bullet hit the wall directly behind me.

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Hard to pick one: day I was married, the days my two children were born, the day I got closest to death. Obviously, the happier days are more fun to remember. Unfortunately, the scary day is right in with them in terms of being burned into my memory.

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Graduated from Basic Military Training.

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The day my first daughter was brought to me from her social worker, she was even more beautiful than I expected and so much smaller.

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Well, I feel like mine is shitty, but since I’m not married, engaged, or have ever had children, I’ll just go with what popped into my head, which is pretty memorable to me. Though I don’t really know why, I think to me it just felt like the epitome of happiness and freedom. Last summer, on a road trip with no deadline, my boyfriend and I were camping maybe 10 miles outside of Moab right beside the Colorado river, surrounded by these huge red cliffs. We woke up in the morning (we had been there the day before but not set up camp until dusk) and it was already getting hot, but not humid gross hot, nice dry hot….we jumped in the river and swam all morning, and then ate the best mango ever when we got out. Then we sat and air dried. We had nowhere to be and nothing to do, and it was so gorgeous and I was so happy…..Ta da!

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Flying for the first time.
Seeing the sea and desert for the first time.
Being surrounded by A LOT of white people for the first time. it was so cool… i felt really cool cause i was different
Passing my classes of the semester (it happened today)

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As I have said, every time this question pops up, the births of my two sons.

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When I have done river crafting first time. That was an ultimate moment of my life.

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