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What do you think of this billboard ad?

Asked by LostInParadise (28379points) May 18th, 2011

I do not have a picture, but it is easy to describe. A carpet company has an advertisement talking about the cost it charges to carpet a room. Part of the billboard has a rectangle inside another rectangle, with dimensions labeled. I think the dimensions are something like 15 feet and 18 feet.

My first reaction was to wonder whether the dimensions were actual size. I figured that the depicted sizes must be too small. Then I compared the size of the rectangle to the size of the billboard and looked up billboard sizes. I found that billboards range in size from 14 by 48 feet to 20 by 60 feet. Now I am convinced that the dimensions are the actual size. I imagined an entire room projected on the billboard, furniture and all. It just seemed too weird.

Did my imagination go overboard? Is this an effective advertising technique. It certainly gets my attention, although I can’t tell you the name of the company.

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Sorry, but you lost me after the fourth sentence. We need a photo.

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Sorry if I did not explain this well. On the left of the billboard, it talks about cost per square foot and cost for a typical room. On the right, it uses rectangles to depict a room. Something like this:

| <— 18 ft——————————-> | 15 feet
| .................................................|
| .................................................|
———————————————- |

There is a smaller rectangle inside the first to represent the dimensions of a smaller room.
The thing is that the side labeled 18 feet really has length 18 feet and the side labeled 15 feet really is 15 feet long.

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I sounds like it was effective, at least for your viewing. I like billboards that are three dimensional, with parts projecting out of them, or the kind with hundreds of little sparkling circles dangling in the wind.

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I like all kinds of billboards, although as a card carrying liberal I am supposed to look at them as a blight on the landscape. What I liked about this particular one is the simplicity of the gimmick that was used.

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You’re a little different, right?

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I have been called a free thinker. Is that what you mean?

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No problem with ads that get my attention without resorting to sex women and lots of exposed skin etc.

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If it is an effective outdoor board, you will call the company and have new carpeting installed. It sounds like someone was too cheap to pay for creative.

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