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What are some weird cravings that pregnant women have?

Asked by erichw1504 (26420points) May 18th, 2011

If you or someone you know is or has been pregnant before, what were the weirdest “food items” you or they craved for? How often was it consumed? What did other people think?

If you can think of anything then make up your own crazy craving!

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This actually comes from another jelly, so I hope she doesn’t mind me posting it. It will just stick in my head forever. Tuna & peanut butter.

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My mother craved hot and sour soup. She ate it a few times a week during the entire pregnancy.

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Moo Shu Pork every night for the first 6 – 8 weeks of my pregnancy. There were 4 Chinese restaurants near my house, I never told any one of them that I was at their competitors’ other nights…

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when pregnant with my second I craved butterfinger candy bars and then tehy gave me terrible heartburn so I had to have a glass of milk.

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My mother-in-law: Chalk (I kid you not).

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What I saw with both my boys pregnancies was not so much weird cravings but it was the timing of them. Picklesand Haagen Dazs for breakfast, Cap’n Crunch for dinner….the cravings were all over the place!

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Pomegranate fruit… uh wait… thats not weird !

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My wife didn’t really crave anything, just ate more chocolate than normal, any excuse!
I did hear of a former neighbour of ours though, she craved & nibbled on cigarettes & coal!?!?!?!? Yeah, that’s what I said. Pregnancy truly is a whole new dimension, glad I don’t have to go through it. Although to be fair, the wife loved it.

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Some crave plaster and clay. It’s a disease with a name that I’m not sure of—guardia, perhaps?

[Edit] Pica.

Don’t know how giardia got in there. It is definitely something else.

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i ate pickled beets with Catalina French salad dressing along with McDonald’s french fries for breakfast during my pregnancies, all of them, in fact, that is how I knew I was pregnant the last time…...

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Crab legs… not weird but expensive and I had to have them at least two or three times a week.

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Krispy Kreme doughnuts and black olives.

Don’t ask me why.

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@john65pennington sounds like somebody’s got an idea for a new donut!

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I was preggo once, but I didn’t have strange cravings. I just wanted hotdogs and mac-n-cheese 24/7.

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erichw, my wife is a one of a kind. We kept Krispy Kreme in business during her pregnancy.

Donuts were 50 cents a dozen.

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I craved extra sharp cheddar cheese and I’d eat a block of it every few days. I think I went through a pound a week. I love cheese and all, but it was nothing compared to how I wanted it while pregnant. And then suddenly one day, at about 8 months pregnant, I bought 2 – 3 pounds of cheese. When I got home, I tore into it and quite suddenly I HATED it and never wanted the cheese again. I had to return it all. That’s when I started craving bacon.

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@ucme My mum craved coal. I saw her nibbling numerous times during more than one pregnancy (I’m the oldest sibling).

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@queenie Wow, so this women wasn’t the only nutter…one affected this way XD
Unless of course your mum was the former neighbour of which I speak!! Doubt it, but you never know ;¬}

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I craved gross meat like cheesburgers and sausages.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir : I was lacto-ovo vegetarian at the time and I craved all sorts of red meat, too. It was a little bizarre…

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@JilltheTooth It’s not really. The body wants protein and more iron, that’s all.

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After all those years I was amazed at how much I wanted that stuff, and how much of that stuff I wanted! Well, Katawagrey was healthy, so I guess it all worked out… phew

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I have friend who craved, and constantly ate, marshmallows that she would stuff with tuna or salmon (from the can).

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I didn’t crave anything weird like my friend. She would make nachos and then open a can of peaches and put them on top. I craved watermelon and potatoes with my daughter and any kind of candy with my son.

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Sweet Tarts for all three of my pregnancies.

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A friend of mine would constantly crave avocado

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@msbcd I crave that all the time, pregnant or not. I just ate a small bowl of guacamole just now—no chips.

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@keobooks How do you make your guacamole?

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My daughter just ordered some edible mud. Due in September.

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Avocado (sometimes I roast it slightly if it’s not ripe enough or I just want to go all out with extra flavor. I refrigerate them so the dip isn’t warm though)

Onion and garlic—minced as fine as possible

grape tomatoes cut in half (this year they come off our own tomato vine!)

basil instead of cilantro (personal choice—also out of our garden)

lime juice.

If you want really specific I use this recipe but I use twice as much basil instead of the cilantro, no salt and no cayenne pepper.

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@keobooks Thanks. I’m always interested in how many different ways people make it. I use pressed garlic, no onions or tomato (except sometimes tomato). Lemon juice worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper. No basil or cilantro. Sometimes I’ll put in Tobasco sauce, too.

I’ve never heard of roasting unripe avocados. What does it do to the avocado? Does it get rid of the unripe flavor?

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Well, it slightly improves the flavor… and I’m not talking about totally unripe ones.. I meant the ones that aren’t QUITE ripe enough to be soft. Roasting them lightly really brings out the flavor though. If you have a good quality fully ripened avocado, you’ll be in heaven.

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I craved bone marrow! It was weird. I would buy marrow bones, boil them up and spread the marrow on buttered toast. Also gnawed at the ends of all the chicken bones for that cartilage. I must have needed something but it couldn’t have been calcium or I would have craved yogurt, ice cream, or milk – something more palatable.

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